Archive of Student Presentations 2011

Oral Presentations

Thomas Alexander “A Possible Explanation of NuTeV's Anomalous Dimoun Events” (Dr. Drew Alton, Physics)

Trent Anderson “Modeling the Spread of Disease on the Augustana Campus” (Dr. Martha Gregg, Mathematics)

Elliot Bloom “Hyperoxic Modification of the Thioredoxin-Dependent Pathway” (Dr. Mark Larson, Biology)

Rebecka Bogue “Correlates of Protective Immunity against Respiratory Poxvirus Infection” (Dr. Shahram Salek-Arkadani, off-campus mentor)

Sarah Brandt, Laura Johnson, Ashley Paradeis, & Danielle Versteeg “Refugee Healthcare” (Dr. Mary Isaacson, Nursing)

Jeremy Erickson “Synthesis and characterization of extended π-Conjugated, luminescent2,3,4,5-tetraarylsiloles” (Dr. Barrett Eichler, Chemistry)

Rob Green “Rifflord: Down and Out in Underground Rock Music” (Dr. Patrick Hicks, English)

Kelsey Hourscht “The Effects of Genetic Polymorphisms on the Severity and Duration of Concussion Symptoms” (Prof. Brian Gerry, HPER)

Rachel Hurley “A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Follicular Thyroid Cancer” (Dr. Norman L. Eberhardt, off-campus mentor)

Anna Isaacson “Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile System in SD” (Dr. Steve Van Bockern, Education)

Bailey J. Jackson “Synthesis of 4-bromophenyl, 4-t-butylphenyl, N,N-dimethylaniline, and 4-trifluoromethylphenyl Siloles” (Dr. Barrett Eichler, Chemistry)

Erika Jacobson “The Sociology Of Sioux Falls Metal” (Dr. William Swart, Sociology)

Erika Jacobson “An Internal Locus of Control is Associated with Problem-focused Coping at Work” (Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, Psychology)

Bethany Jochim “Strong-field dissociation dynamics of NO2+:A multiphoton electronic or vibrational excitation?” (Dr. Itzik Ben-Itzhak, off-campus mentor and Dr. Eric Wells, Physics)

Rebecca Jones “The Words that Moved a Nation: How Patriots and Tories Used Words During the Revolutionary War” (Dr. Michael Mullin, History)

Nicole Lauck “The Blogosphere: Connecting Rural Youth” (Dr. Julie Ashworth, Education)

Cody Lensing “Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Isothiocyanates” (Dr. Jared Mays, Chemistry)

Jenny Lockhart “Rural Media: Defining Community in Modern Society” (Dr. Jeffrey Miller, English/Journalism)

Ian James Malloy “The Systems Management of Alert Responsive Tasks: SMART A.I.” (Dr. Daniel Swets, Computer Science)

Hannah Miller “Can the Night Be Taken Back?: A Human Trafficking Journey" (Dr. Julie Ashworth, Education)

Toni Novotny “Species Confusion: Creature Fantasy as a Genre” (Dr. Darcie Rives-East, English)

Lindsey Olson “Comparison and Contrast: Norwegian Sami & SD’s Lakota” (Dr. Julie Ashworth, Education)

Maren Peterson “Songtaews, Tuk-Tuks, and Motorcycles: An Institutional Analysis of the Lack of Public Transportation in Chiang Mai, Thailand” (Dr. Reynold Nesiba, Economics)

Ihoby Rakotomalala “African Medical Care’s Past, Present, and Future: A Focus on Cultural Aspects” (Dr. Susan Schrader, Sociology)

Ihoby Rakotomalala “Powerful Words: Colonialism, French, and the Versatility of Language” (Dr. Scott Fish, Modern Foreign Language)

Thad Titze “Champions of Propaganda: Nazi Germany and the 1936 Olympics” (Dr. Margaret Preston, History)

Melanie Twait “Apathy to Empathy: A Journey During Intercultural Immersion Experience for Nursing Students” (Dr. Mary Isaacson, Nursing)

Rebekah Walker “Through the Lens of Justice: Analyzing the Press Coverage of the Eichmann Trial” (Dr. Geoffrey Dipple, History and Dr. Murray Haar, Religion)

Kristyne Walth “Tossed into two worlds: A critical exploration of the Sioux Falls School District's English Language Learner program” (Dr. William Swart, Sociology)

Hannah Weise “ ‘The next time there may be no watchmen in the night’: Postmodern Economics in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen” (Dr. Reynold Nesiba, Economics and Darcie Rives-East, English)

Dawn Wille “Uncle Tom's Cabin, Theatrically Different” (Dr. Debbie Hanson, English)

Poster Presentations

Robert Fick “Exploring Group Marching Algorithm for Solving a Generalized Hamilton- Jacobi Equation: A New Approach for Computing Reaction Paths” (Dr. Bijoy Dey, Chemistry)

Natalie R. Ronning “Effect of stem flexing on cavitation resistance in two cultivars of Phaseolus vulgaris” (Dr. Steven L. Matzner, Biology)

Nathan Truex “Hamilton-Jacobi Equation, Fast Marching Method, and Simulation of Reaction Path Ensemble” (Dr. Bijoy Dey, Chemistry)