Archive of Student Presentations 2009

Oral Presentations

Trent Anderson “Investigation of the Formation of Catanionic Langmuir Monolayers” (Off campus mentor)

Mike Brusven “Valhalla vs. Doom: Comparing Karl Marx’s & Adam Smith’s Visions of Capitalism” (Dr. Brian Eggleston, Economics)

Mark Buboltz “Langmuir-Blodgett Apparatus Development and Monolayer Analyses of Catanionic Quaternary Ammonium Systems” (Off campus mentor)

Whitney Buesgens “Safe Passage Study: A Multidisciplinary Study of Fetal & Infant Mortality” (Off campus mentor)

Charles Buehler “Beyond the Words: Saying What Cannot Be Said, A Linguistic and Theological Explora-tion of the Writings of Charlotte Delbo & Elie Wiesel” (Dr. Richard Swanson, Religion)

Joe Coppock “Investigating the Varying Sensitivity of Breast Cancer Cells to Metformin Treatment” (Off campus mentor)

Shannon Cumiskey “Further Investigation of the Mechanism of Intra-molecular Silyl Nitronate Cycloadditions of Propargylic Nitroethers” (Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Dan Day “The Emergence and Impact of Epigenetics on Genomics, Cancer, and other Diseases” (Off campus mentor)

Rachel DeNeui “Fair Trade coffee in Nicaragua” (Dr. Reynold Nesiba, Economics)

Dani Doran ” Foundations of Justice: Human or God?” (Dr. Peter Schotten, Government)

Dani Doran “Le Héros cornélien : un champion ou un monstre ?” (Dr. Scott Fish, Modern Foreign Language)

Christina Gill ” Relational goals may lead to discomfort about outperforming others” (Dr. Anne Zell, Psychology)

Erika Graslie, Jordan Anderson-Daniels & Jessica Vogelaar “The Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Platelet Function in Sheer and Static Conditions” (Dr. Mark Larson, Biology)

Amy Hulstein “In the Steps of a Soldier: Captured at the Bulge” (Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, History)

Ben Jensen & Eric Ransom “The Genetic Basis for Interspecies Communication Between V. atypica and S. gordonii” (Dr. Paul Egland, Biology)

Megan Jerke & Megan Gulden “Evidence-Based Practice Recommendations for the Prevention of Throm-boembolism in Adult Patients” (Dr. Margot Nelson, Nursing)

Bethany Jochim “Fast Ion-Induced Bond Rearrangement in Ammonia and Methane: Rection Pathways Leading to H3+ Production” (Dr. Eric Wells, Physics)

Chris Johnson “Le héros cornélien a-t-il du coeur?” (Dr. Scott Fish, Modern Foreign Language)

Bryan Kaemingk “Asymmetric Dissociation of HD+ Following Low Energy Electron Impact” (Dr. Eric Wells, Physics)

Nicholas Klein “Nutrient and Organic Matter Dynamics in Tidally-Influenced Freshwater Sections of the Mission and Aran-sas Rivers, South Texas” (Off campus mentor)

Margaret Koenig, Hannah Rogers, & Katie Warden “Room Temperature Ionic Liquids – Refractive Index vs. Water Concentration” (Dr. Barry Eichler, Chemistry)

Margaret Koenig “The Story of Death” (Dr. Richard Swanson, Religion)

Andrea Krogstad “Money Pit: The Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis and Proposals for Reform” (Dr. Reynold Nesiba, Economics)

Michael Kruse “The Current Economy: What is this All About?” (Dr. Reynold Nesiba, Economics)

Shik-Ki Li & Katie Hassebroek “Examination of Regioselectivity and Stereoselectivity of Intramolecular Silyl Nitronate Cycloaddition of an Alkenyne Nitroether” (Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Jessica Limke, Brandy Schug & Jessica Loken “ZAP the VAP (Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia)” (Dr. Margot Nelson, Nursing)

Laura Mandler “The role of NMDA in kidney disease and development” (Off campus mentor)

Jackson Murtha “Challenges for the Application of Levinasian Ethics” (Dr. Stephen Minister, Philosophy)

Ihoby Rakotomalala “Soeur du coeur et reine de peine? : les femmes de Corneille” (Dr. Scott Fish, Modern Foreign Language)

Kyle Rogers “Ethical Art: The Problems of Tolstoy, Croce and Posner” (Dr. David O’Hara, Philosophy)

Bryan Simpkins “Optimization and the NDVI Index” (Dr. Daniel Swets, Computer Science)

Morgan Sonstegard, Megan Gulden & Malory Eichman “Learning to Apprec-iate Diversity Through Experimental Immersion Experiences” (Dr. Mary Isaacson & Vicki Reiff, Nursing)

Stephanie Sorensen “Moral Evaluations of Deception in Politics” (Dr. Anne Zell, Psychology)

Aaron Thoreson “Parallel Computation” (Dr. Daniel Swets, Computer Science)

Michael Todt “Enhancing the Feedback Signals Used in Closed- Loop Control of Molecular Fragmentation” (Dr. Eric Wells, Physics)

Kelli Zingler “Binding the Silence: A Midrash of the Akedah” (Dr. Richard Swanson, Religion)

Bethany Zogg & Connor Lamberson “Investigat-ing the Polarity Effects on the Reaction Rate for the Methylation of Tributylamine with Dimethyl Carbonate” (Dr. Gary Earl & Dr. Duane Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Poster Presentations

Kate Ahlers: “Molecular Map-based cloning of DNA repair genes in Chlamydomonas” (Off Campus Mentor)

MacKenzie Beukelman: “Hydraulic Acclimation and Water Use Strategies in Cultivars of Phaseolus vulgaris” (Dr. Steven Matzner, Biology)

Mathew Braithwaite: “Characterization of Renal NMDA Receptor in Adolescent Rats” (Off Campus Mentor)

Erica DeBoer: “Surviving Sepsis by Influencing Early Identification and Goal Directed Therapy Protocols” (Dr. Margot Nelson, Nelson)

Robert Fick & Jeremy Erickson: “Anion Exchange of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds” (Dr. Gary Earl & Dr. Duane Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Kayla Graber: “Characterizatoin of anti-SOM monoclonal antibodies” (Off Campus Mentor)

Marissa Kern & Heidi Senst: “Regulation of the Starch Biosynthesis Pathway in Wheat” (Dr. Mike Wanous, Biology)

Laura Mandler: “Immunolocalization of NMDA receptor subunits in the rat kidney” (Off Campus Mentor)

Linda March: “The Clinical Nurse Leader Impact on Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections” (Dr. Margot Nelson, Nelson)

Braedan McCluskey & Megan Thooft: “Notch Inhibition Disrupts Somite Segmentation in Amphioxus” (Dr. Laura Beaster-Jones, Biology)

Alicia Olson: “Meaning in Life Enrichment for Older Adults: Project MILE” (Dr. Sherry Barkley, HPER)

Natalie Ronning “HPLC Method Development: Tracking an Anion Exchange Reaction” (Dr. Gary Earl & Dr. Duane Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Jill Rye: “Interdisciplinary Fall Prevention.” (Dr.Margot Nelson, Nelson)