Archive of Student Presentations 2008

Oral Presentations

Ryan Anderson “The Need for a Changing International Monetary Fund” (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Nicholas Bleeker “The sonochemical synthesis of ionic liquids and the preparation of aromatic methyl carbonates” (Dr. Weisshaar & Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Kaleb Boese “Easy in Easy out: The role of risk in Thailand’s financial crisis”
(Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Kaleb Boese “Integrating for a Better Future? An Analysis of Germany’s Pivotal Role in European Union Enlargement” (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Mike Brusven “U.S. National Debt” (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Joe Coppock “Investigating the Behavior of Catanionic Surfactant Langmuir Monolayers”
(Dr. Moore, Chemistry)

Dan Day “Data Mining, Cancer, and Personalized Medicine” (Off campus mentor)

Betsy Deering “My fight for Irish Freedom-the voice of Roger Casement”
(Dr. Preston, History & Dr. Hicks, English)

Ben Eisele “Narrative Theology: The God of Story” (Dr. Swanson, Religion)

Kristen Erdmann & Michael Todt “Probing the Structure of Nanoscale Liquid Clusters Using Computational Techniques” (Dr. Moore, Chemistry)

Andrew Erickson “Divergent Debilitations: A Comparison and Contrast Essay on the Use of
Language in Wit by Margaret Edson and Wings by Arthur Kopit” (Dr. Pachoud- Bennett, Theatre)

Chris Fry “The FutureGen Industrial Alliance and Cap-and-Trade Systems”
(Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Nick Gjorvad “Ethics, Truth, and the Human Soul” (Dr. Johnson, Government)

David Huebner & Alex Stommes ”General Purpose GPU Programming”
(Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Amy Hulstein “Japanese Diplomacy and the Jews” (Dr. Preston, History & Dr. Hicks, English)

Robert Ihry & Matthew Moldan “Genomic regions influencing gene expression of HMW glutenins in wheat” (Dr. Wanous, Biology)

Nate Jastram “Diode Laser Experiments for Physics and Chemistry” (Dr. Wells, Physics)

James Kjelstrup “The Eastern Links of Emerson” (Dr. O’Hara, Philosophy)

Andrew Knoflicek “A religious interpretation of capitalism” (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Michael Kruse “Predatory Lending: A Brief Overview of Payday Lending & the Necessity of Legislation in South Dakota” (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Shik Ki Li & Matt Schafer “Kinetic Study of the Reaction of Dimethyl Carbonate with Trialkylamine” (Dr. Weisshaar & Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Casey Madsen “Micro-lending: One Small Step in the Direction of Ending World Poverty”
(Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Kyle Mickalowski “Investigating Thermal Stability of Tetramethylammonium Methyl Carbonate and Tributylmethylammonium Methyl Carbonate” (Dr. Weisshaar & Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Kyle Mickalowski “Vulva Cancer - 26 Years Experience and Update” (Off campus mentor)

Kyle Mickalowski & Mark Mickelson “Apple's iPhone Launch: A Case Study in Effective Marketing” (Jaciel Keltgen, Business Administration)

Neil Patel “The preliminary investigation into the decrease in Magnesium due to prolonged space exploration” (Off Campus Mentor)

Daniel Schoen “Broken Promises: Armistice and the French RESISTANCE” (Dr. Preston, History)

Justin Simundson “Above No-Man’s Land: The Great War Experience of a Royal Flying Corps Pilot” (Dr. Preston, History & Dr. Hicks, English)

Laura Sova “The Diary of an English Tank Driver During the Great War”
(Dr. Preston, History & Dr. Hicks, English)

Collin Taphorn "The Problem of Freedom in Merleau- Ponty" (Dr. O’Hara, Philosophy)

Karissa Tieszen “Using Nanog as a Marker for Monitor-ing Epigenetic Reprogramming in Bovine Cloning” (Off campus mentor)

Kristen Wilcox “El Cuento Segun… ¿Quién?: The Mexican -Immigrant Experience in Hunger of Memory and Spanglish” (Dr. Hanson, English)

Poster Presentations

Kate Ahlers “Examining protein kinase D expression pattern and effect of its activation on cell junction organization in breast cancer cells” (Off Campus Mentor)

Ruslan Averin “The Bump Hunt” (Dr. Alton, Physics)

Elizabeth Davis “Characterizing CAPC in breast and prostate cancer” (Off Campus Mentor)

Mandi Greenway & Kim TeSlaa “Ovarian sterol metabolism is altered in obese (lethal yellow) mice” (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Derek Harmon & David Rettedal “Effect of light levels on water transport efficiency in pinto beans” (Dr. Matzner, Biology)

Jopseph Ashmore, Kristina Harris, & Jessica Vogelaar “Effects of omega-3 acid ethyl esters and aspirin, alone and in combination, on platelet function in healthy subjects” (Dr.Larson, Biology)

Jamie Horter “Examining the ISNC reaction mechanism using O18 water”
(Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Katherine Johnson “Gene expression and invasive properties of endometrial cells”
(Off Campus Mentor)

Kyle Kelly “HPLC as a method to quantify brain monoamines” (Off Campus Mentor)

Laura Mandler “Loss of NMDA receptor is linked to renal failure in obese Zucker rats”
(Off Campus Mentor)

Braedan McCluskey “Transicription of mRNA in the rat VTA during cocaine withdrawal”
(Off Campus Mentor)

Aron Merchen “Returning expression of NF90 in breast and ovarian cancer lines”
(Off Campus Mentor)

Ben Nelson “The effects of NMDA receptor antagonists on renal function in rat”
(Off Campus Mentor)

Kathryn Severson “Analysis of E-cadherin promoter methylation in cervical cancer”
(Off Campus Mentor)

Nick Smolnisky “Progress towards implementation of a closed-loop scheme to control molecular fragmentation” (Dr. Wells, Physics)

Megan Thooft “Amphioxus somite development: insights into vertebrate evolution"
(Dr. Beaster-Jones, Biology)