Archive of Student Presentations 2007

Oral Presentations

Drew Anderson “Bread or Mansions?  An Exploration of Our State Tax Structure”
(Dr. Sorenson, Economics)

Kara Becvar & Chris Fry “Kinetics of Trioctylmethylammonium Methyl Carbonate”
(Dr. Earl & Dr. Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Joe Coppock “Liquid Cluster Atom Plucking” (Dr. Moore)

Naomi Gades "The Carnivorous Mr. Bloom: Meat, Gender, and Ulysses." (Dr. Hicks, English)

Alex George “Study of ‘A Great People Has Been Moved to Defend a Great Nation’ by President George W. Bush” (Dr. Heather Bart, Communications)

Nick Gjorvad “The Biological Process of Intellectual Advancement” (Dr. O’Hara, Philosophy)

David Huebner “Efficient Molecular Dynamics Simulation Program Development for  Lennard-Jones Systems” (Dr. Moore, Chemistry)

David Olson “Dealing with Hate Crime:  Toward an Ideal Judicial Standard”
(Dr. Schotten, Government)

Missi St. Aubin, Paul Drayer, & Alli Maenke “Investigating the reaction of diphenylamine with dimethyl carbonate” (Dr. Earl & Dr. Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Katie Severson, A.J. Davidson, & Alex Johnson “Exploration of a Solid Support for Nitroaldol Condensation Reactions” (Dr. Duffy Matzner, Chemistry)

Brian Thompson “Embodied Artificial Intelligence and Imago Dei: Humans as Co-Creators with God” (Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion)

Poster Presentations

Amanda Ahrendt  “Male and Female Expression Differences of the NMDA receptor in the Wistar Rat”   (Off Campus Mentor)

Michael Amolins  “Synthesis of Deuterium-Labeled Isoprenoids” (Off Campus Mentor)

Benjamin Bomstad  “Energetic dynamics and geometric novelty arising from various force interactions”  (Dr. Moore, Chemistry)

Aaron Burkhardt “Variation in transpiration rates among various family lines of Boechera stricta” (Dr. Matzner, Biology)

Dan Day “Database Storage of ProteinLynx Processed Proteomics Data” (Off Campus Mentor)

Laura Doshier and Amy Lueking  “Isotopic effects in bond rearrangement caused by sudden ionization of ammonia and methane”  (Dr. Wells, Physics)

Allison Eslinger" Characterization of CAPC in Multiple Cancers" (Off Campus Mentor)

Cody Henriksen “Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Ovaries of Lethal Yellow (Ay/a) and Black Mice (a/a)” (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Brooke Jones “In Vivo assessment of the biocompatibility of modified chitosan-based adhesives”  (Off Campus Mentor)

Kyle Kelly “CRF, Cocaine and their roles in natural reward pathways" (Off Campus Mentor)  

Nick Klein "Acute Effects of Thyroid Hormone on Calcium Overload in Adult Rat Myocytes"
(Off Campus Mentor)

Kelly Larson “ Development of Adhesive Films for Ophthalmic Applications”(Off Campus Mentor)

Mark List “The Effect of PKA on Ubiquitin Proteasome System Function” (Off Campus Mentor)

Amy Lueking “Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Muscular Dystrophy: Examining Protein-Protein Interactions in the Sarcolemma”  (Off Campus Mentor)

Tom Lynch and Rochelle Boote:  “Examination of 5J Coupling in 2,5-disubstituted Dihydrofuroketones”  (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Ben Nelson  “Changes in NMDA Localization Associated with Diabetic Renal Growth”
(Off Campus Mentor)

Adam Scott  “Submarine Warfare and American Civil war:  The H.L. Hunley” (Dr. Mullin, History)

Erin Seidel  “Cytotoxicity of Progesterone Receptor Modulators in Ovarian Cancer Cells”   
(Off Campus Mentor)

Ian Thomas “Obesity Linked Kidney Disease:  PDGF-B, TNF-α and VEGF” (Off Campus Mentor)

Karissa Tieszen, Rob Ihry, Christina Harris and Elizabeth Davis “Searching for the Genes Regulating the High Molecular Weight Glutenins in ‘Chinese Spring’ Wheat” (Dr. Wanous, Biology)