Archive of Student Presentations 2006

Catherine Alm: "Shylock to Islam: An Analysis of Fanaticism"

Michael W. Amolins: "Investigation of Non-Platinum Based Electrocatalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Cathodes"

William D. Buchanan: "Synthesis of Novel Aminosilanes for the Catalysis of Nitroaldol

Aaron Burkhardt: "The effects of grazing intensity on carbon isotope discrimination and soil organic carbon at the Cottonwood Range and Livestock Research Station"

Amber Carlson: “A Witness to Man?: Jesus and Light in the Gospel of John”

Daniel Day: "Order of Evaulation of Operands in C++"

Rosa Diers: "Hiding a Holocaust: Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939"

Andrea Halverson: "Honor Killings in Turkey: Striving for Justice in the Face of
Cultural Abuse"

Cody Henriksen: "Effect Of Acorus calamus Extracts On Glucose And Insulin Levels In Lethal Yellow (Ay/a) And Black (a/a) Mice"

David Huebner: "A Cluster For Clusters: High Performance Computing For Molecular
Dynamics Of Large Rare-Gas Atomic Clusters"

Amanda J. Johnson: "Characterization of the Cellular Localization of BASE in Breast
Cancer Cells"

Lesli Johnson and Kathryn Severson: "Five-bond Coupling in 2,5-Substituted

Jamie Kapplinger: "An Imaging Spectrometer To Probe Pondermotive-Gradient Field-

Elizabeth Kaspar: "Influence of Bearberry on Bird Diversity"

Amanda Larson: "Spain and the Holocaust"

Michael Lundy: "Feasibility of Locating a Feshbach Resonance in Very Low Energy H++ D(1s) Scattering"

Matt McDougall: "The Effect Of Chronic Hyperleptinemia On Ovarian Follicle
Vascularizatoin In Lethal Yellow Mice"

Ryan Mello: “Single Ionization Of Hydrogen Molecules By Fast Protons As A Function
Of The Molecular Alignment”

Jeff Misialek: "Humanpapilloma Virus Strain Identification of the Sioux Valley

Stuart Ness: "Computer Aided Statistical Analysis of Satellite Sensor Data Cross-

Sarah Ochsner: "Deaf Education in Norway: Bilingual-Bicultural Education in

Jessica Paumen and Eric Villa: "Kinetics of Quaternary Ammonium Methylcarbonates with Differing Chain Lengths"

Carl Rasmussen: "Screening for Cytokine Expression in Human Papilloma Virus-
Positive and -Negative Cervical Mucous Samples"

Shauna Swanson: "Mechanisms of Obesity-linked Kidney Disease"

Elizabeth Thrond: "Remembering World War II in the Pope Pius XII Controversy: The
Vatican Files at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library"

Kelley M. Vannatta: "Metabolic Interactions between the Dental Plaque Bacteria
Streptococcus gordonii and Veillonella atypica"

Mitch Weber: "Effect of Pioglitazone on Insulin Gene Expression and Insulin Resistance
in Lethal Yellow Mice"