Archive of Student Presentations 2005

Oral Presentations

Michael Amolins & Justin Norberg "Cation and Anion Stability in Quaternary Ammonium Methyl Carbonates" (Dr. Earl & Dr. Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Anna Amundson "Norwegian Civilian Resistance during World War II" (Dr. Preston, History)

Barbara Andersen "Autonomy versus Maleficence in Psychiatric Medicine" (Dr. Olsen, Philosophy)

Laura Anderson "Camp Dewey and Sioux Falls: An Unforgettable Aspect of Life"
(Dr. Olson, History)

Kelsie Betsch "Applying Principle Control Analysis to Optical Pulse Shapes Optimized for Selective Fragmentation of Clusters" (Dr. Wells, Physics)

Amber Carlson, Chris Zuraff, Marie Hoogeveen, Kami Siemonsma, Megan Moline, Hans Aaraas, Peter Olsen, & John Schneiderman "Wink of a Madman" (Dr. Swanson, Religion)

Jason Dybsetter "Creation and Evolution: Going Beyond the Debate" (Dr. Swanson, Religion)

A.J. Franken "Shaping a Continent: The U. S. and the Berlin West African Conference"
(Dr. Johnson, Government)

Aaron Graumann "Examination of the Synthesis of Nitroalcohols and Nitroalkenes to Yield Precursors for ISOC Reactions" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Andrea Halverson "Ordinary Virtues – Humility at America's Founding and in Modern Times"
(Dr. Johnson, Government)

Nathaniel Johnson "Examination of the Synthesis of Nitroalcohols and Nitroalkenes to Yield Precursors for ISOC Reactions" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Nora Johnson "Fast Proton Collisions with Hydrogen Molecules" (Dr. Wells, Physics)

Nicholas Josten "Critical Theory Representations in The Town without Syntax" (Dr. Hicks, English)

Annmarie Kowalczyk "Developing Writing Teachers and Student Writers"
(Dr. Hallenbeck, Education)

Stuart Ness "Satellite Data Program Calibration" (Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Peter Olsen "The Destruction of a Regiment: The Effects of Combat and Campaigning on the Fifteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry" (Dr. Dipple, History)

Ryan Otto "Environmental Policy of New Zealand" (Dr. Dondelinger, Government)

Blake Rife "A Look at the Repercussions of the Griswold Decision" (Dr. Johnson, Government)

Derrick Veurink "Deployment in C++, C#, and Java" (Dr. Shum, Computer Science)

Poster Presentations

Louisa Anderson "Analysis of the DH-112 Fragment of Ranid Herpesvirus-1 and Its Link to Lucke Renal Carcinoma in Rana Pipiens " (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Leslie Baehr, Jon Engbers, & Amanda Johnson "Measuring Gene Expression of the High Molecular Weight Glutenins in ‘Chinese Spring' Wheat Using RT-PCR" (Dr. Wanous, Biology)

Larissa Beck " Cilia Regeneration in Sand Dollar Embryos: A Model System for Ciliated Epithelium Repair" (Dr. Johnson, Biology)

William Buchanan " The Synthesis of Nitroalcohols and Nitroalkenes to Yield Precusors for ISOC Reactions" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Sarah Demke "Characterization of the Expression of an AAV-Serotype 2-Contained Transgene in Rat Brain" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Emily Doss and Heidi Underberg "Pressure-Area Isotherms of Langmuir Monolayers"
(Dr. Moore, Chemistry)

Laura Gooch "GATA Transcription Factor Expression in Cancer Tissue" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Kara Leemkuil "The Effect of Judgment Frequency in Causal Learning" (Dr. Dennis, Psychology)

Paul Marshall "Developing Parallel Algorithms for Seasonality Analysis"
(Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Matt McDougall "Obesity, Leptin Resistance, and Infertility in the Lethal Yellow Mouse"
(Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Abbey Mello " Fatty Acid Synthase Expression in Rat Liver in Response to Estrogen"
(Dr. Diggins, Biology ;Kathleen Eyster, USD)

Kari Pabst and Heidi Underwood "Use of Remote Sensing Technology to Characterize Re-growth of Vegetation Following Forest Fires in Glacier National Park, Montana"
(Dr. Spencer, Biology & Don Ohlen, EROS Data Center)

Brian Rekken "HPLC Analysis of Biofriendly Quaternary Ammonium Synthesis"
(Dr. Earl & Dr. Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Heidi Sabol "Phosphatidylinositol-3 Kinase p85-Interacting Protein Inhibits Expression of Myelin Basic Protein in Oligodendrocytes" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Robert Van Demark " Effect of L-Thyroxine on CHF in SHHF" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)