Archive of Student Presentations 2004

Oral Presentations

Anna Amundson "Jehovah's Witnesses Under Nazism" (Dr. Preston, History)

Meghan Bratlie "How Bank Mergers Affect Small Businesses" (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Kerri Burkard, Erin Johnson, & Shannon Hart "United Way: How to Increase Donation Levels Among 18-30 Year Olds" (Dr. Tolman, Communications)

Andrea Clatterbuck "NAFTA Role in the Mexican Financial Crisis of 1994" (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Kellie Furman, Jennifer Sjuts, & Elizabeth Harr "The Media's Influence on Women's Body Image" (Dr. Wortmann, Sociology)

Matt Grandbois "Mechanistic Study and Further Synthesis of 2,5-Dihydrofurans"
(Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Robbie Heegel "Investigating Methamphetamine Manufacturing" (Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Brian Herbert "This We Believe? The EU's Draft Constitution and Its Role in the Organization's Future Expansion" (Dr. Preston, History)

Nora Johnson & Mike Berven "Quaternary Ammonium Compounds" (Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Amanda Jonas "Inattentional Blindness" (Dr. Dennis, Psychology)

David Kelsey "The Economic Collapse of Post WW I Germany" (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Sally Kessler "The Farce of Master Pathelin" (Dr. Fish, Modern Foreign Language - French)

Sally Kessler "The Search for a New Antibiotic" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Chris McClure "Critique of Supply Side Economics"
(Dr. Johnson, Government & International Affairs)

Chris McClure "Epistemological Probabilism" (Dr. LaMoyne Pederson, Religion)

Chris Morgan "Fringe Banking" (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Jennifer Moser "The Holocaust, as Experienced by Concentration Camp Liberators"
(Dr. Preston, History)

John Schneiderman "Molecular Dynamics of Atomic Clusters: An Object Oriented Approach"
(Dr. Moore, Chemistry)

Kelly Wetzbarger "The History and Atrocities of Ethnic Cleansing in the Former Yugoslavia"
(Dr. Preston, History)

Jessica White "A Measure of Success, a Painful Dissapointment: The Quaker Famine Relief Efforts as Seen by the Society of Friends" (Dr. Preston, History)

Poster Presentations

Tom Babb "Prevention of Sugar Cataract Formation by Topical Administration of an Aldose Reductase Inhibitor" (Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Leslie Baehr "Development of PCR Primers and Protocols for the High Molecular Weight Glutenins Expressed in 'Chinese Spring' Wheat" (Dr. Wanous, Biology)

Brandt Becker "Characterization of Right Ventricle Hypertophy" (Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Meghan Calhoon & Jenny Onberg"The Effects of Fire Suppression on Soil Organic Carbon in the Black Hills and Newton Hills State Park" (Dr. Matzner, Biology)

Sarah Demke "Analysis of P85-Interacting Proteins in Oligodendrocytes" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Laura Gooch "Environmental Effects on Xylem Cavitation in Populus" (Dr. Matzner, Biology)

Towner Lapp "Phosphorylation of eIF4E in Response to Cytotoxic Stresses" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Abbey Mello"SOD3 Expression in Rat Lungs in Response to Hyperoxia" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Natalia Nedelsky "No vel Intraneuronal Cytoplasmic Inclusions Associated with Dementia: DNA Analysis of Neurofilament Genes" (Dr. Dennis, Psychology)

Andrew Neilson "Synthesis of a Backwards Antibiotic" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

James Nelson "The Synthesis and Analysis of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds"
(Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Colleen Zimmermann "Obesity, Leptin Resistance, and Infertility in the Lethal Yellow Mouse" (presented by Gina Furman & Dr.Diggins, Biology)