Archive of Student Presentations 2003

Oral Presentations

Ingrid Arneson: "Aristotelian Observations on Human Fulfillment" (Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Ali Ashraf: "Seasonality" (Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Kelsie Betch: "Creating the Building Blocks for Possible New Antibiotics"
(Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Sean Corum: "Quantum Mechanics and Aristotelian Metaphysics" (Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Gina Furman and Heather Reber: "Body Weight, Serum Leptin, and Ovulation Rates in Lethal Yellow and Mahogany Mice" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Allyson Graham: "The Tragedy of Culture and Martha Stewart" (Dr. Dunham, Sociology) 

Matthew Grandbois: "Isolation of Intermediate Compound Further Solidifies Theory"
(Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Kylene Guse: "Exploring Multi-Cultrural Conflict in Contemporary Ireland: The Costs of the Celtic Tiger" (Dr. Swart, Sociology)

Amanda Johnson: "A Voice Wanting to be Heard" (Dr. Pachoud, Theater & Dr. Swanson, Religion)

Sally Kessler: "Searching for New Antibiotics" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Carly LaCroix: "Model Reactions for Building Macrocycles" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Brendon Plack: "New Crises Calls for New Crisis Management"
(Trygve Fredrickson, Business Administration)

Jacqueline Pogue: "Landscape of our Souls: A Discussion of Spirituality and Geography"
(Dr.Ann Pederson, Religion)

Ann Elizabeth Rosendale: "Friendship With God: An Examination of the Christian Ideal in the Context of Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics" (Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Karin Shafer: "Modernizing a Traditional Qualitative Analysis Course" (Dr. Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Jaclyn Sutton: "An Examination of the Impact of Diversity on Communities of Friendship"
(Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Adam Smith: "Re-Examining Standards off Morality in Foreign Policy"

Mitchell Swanson: "Contested Waters: Animal Rights Groups, Environmentalists, and Norwegian Whaling" (Dr. Storfjell, Modern Foreign Languages - Norwegian)

Scott Thalacker: "What's a Little Separation Between Friends? Levinas and Aristotle's Friendship" (Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Poster Presentations

Katharyn Derr: "Effects of Different Fire Intensities on Understory Vegetation Diversity in the Jasper Burn Area of the Black Hills" (Dr. Matzner, Biology)

Anne Dykstra and Amy Lems: "Progress Toward Identifying Genes Regulating Transcription of the HMW Glutenins in Wheat" (Dr. Wanous, Biology)

Jana Hanson: "Is a Woman's Place still in the Kitchen: An Implicit Attitudes Approach"
(Dr. Dennis, Psychology)

Keith Hartman: "Tethered Lipid Bilayers: Optimization for Biosensor Applications"
(Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Kurt Krallman: "Flashbulb Memories of September 11, 2001" (Dr. Dennis, Psychology)

Cody Reis: "Satellite Sensor Cross Calibration" (Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Jessica Skyberg: "Testing the Elaboration Likelihood Theory" (Dr. Tolman, Communications)