Archive of Student Presentations 2002

Oral Presentations

John Anderson, Brooke Baker, Kristin Barnett, Jenni Bartling, Kimberly Brake, Todd Boote, Stephanie Christensen, Emily Drommerhausen, Lindsey DeWit, Mari Erickson, Katie Hoffman, Brandi Koester, Abby Johnson, Sven Lerseth, Angela Pomranke, Jessie Radisewitz, Sarah Winters, David Wolter, & Amanda Youngers: "Mud, Blood, and Violence: A Post-Structuralist Interrogation of Origin Stories" (Dr. Swanson, Religion)

David Baker: "Sub-micron Patterning Using Atomic Force Microscopy" (Dr. Larkin, Physics)

Charles Carlson: "Are There Moral Absolutes in Aristotle's Ethics?"
(Dr. Stevens, Government & International Affairs)

Sean Corum: "Development of Laser Beam Image Analysis System and Characterization of Flash:Ti Laser Beam" (Dr. Larkin, Physics)

Ethan Englund: "Initial Examination of Possible Novel Macrocycles via CAChe"
(Dr. Viste & Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Nathan Golz: "Sioux Falls, Citibank, and CRA: Do Credit Card Banks Deserve Their 'Outstanding' Community Reinvestment Performance Evaluations?" (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Matthew Grandbois: "Synthesis of a Novel Macrocycle" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Kylene Guse: "Plan Colombia: What Americans Need to Know about U.S. Foreign Policy in Colombia" (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Lenora Heckel:  "The Persuasive Effect of Moods" (Dr. Rotondo, Psychology)

Thomas Jacobson: "The Implications for Christology in Lutheran/Reformed Dialogue on the Eucharist" (Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion)

Travis W. Joyal: "Gender Communication" (Dr. Gullickson-Tolman, Communications)

Julie Kennedy and Heather Reber: "Does the Mahogany Mutation Reduce the Negative Effects of the Lethal Yellow Gene?" (Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Ann Kristin Mathisen: "Looking through the Veil: Western and Middle Eastern Views of Muslim Women" (Dr. Deb Hanson, English)

Stephanie Moen: "Mood and Body Image" (Dr. Rotondo, Psychology)

Aaron Murra: "Experimental Determination of a Rocket's Air Resistance" (Dr. Larkin, Physics)

Eric Ohrtman and John Anderson: "The Identity Project" (Dr. Haar, Religion)

Audrey Otto: "Sociological Factors Affecting Environmental Activism" (Dr. Copelton, Sociology)

Jackie Pogue: "A Theology of Transformation: From Classical Theism to Panentheism"
(Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion)

Ann Elizabeth Rosendale: "Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself? Aristotle on Altruism and Self-Love" (Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Jen Rude: "What the Queer Community Can Teach Us about the Erotic" (Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion)

Adam J. Smith: "Fixing the Moral Decay of America and Removing the Lowest Common Denominator: The Case for Instituting the Aristotelian Standard for Virtue"
(Dr. Stevens, Government & International Affairs)

Andrea Votroubek: "Intramolecular Silyl Olefin Cycloaddition: A Reaction in the Synthesis of a Novel Macrocycle" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Gina Wiertzema and Ellen Walsh: "Pattern of Adherence to a Dietary Supplement for Reducing Risks of Cardiovascular Disease among Military Reservists" (Dr. Dorn, Nursing)

Maren Williams: "L'Evolution entravée de La Belle et la Bête" (Dr. Fish, Modern Foreign Language - French)

Poster Presentations

Matt Bukrey and Jason Smalley: "Use of Stable Isotopes to Document the Invasion of Tallgrass Prairie by Deciduous Forest in Newton Hills State Park in Southeastern South Dakota"
(Dr. Spencer, Biology)

Aaron Cusher: "Data Extraction and Visualization" (Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Olga Degtyaryova: "Improving Satellite-based Vegetation Measurements"
(Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Lacey Luense and Ellen Holste: "Use of Aquatic Insects as Bioindicators of Water Quality in the Big Sioux River" (Dr. Spencer, Biology)
Annamarie Rydeen: "Identification of Surface Proteins that Aid Infection by Helping Streptococci Acquire Essential Iron" (Dr. Bormann, Biology)

Karen Wanderscheid: "Measuring the Earth's Greenness"
(Dr. Swets, Computer Science & Dr. Matzner, Biology)

Kara Wiebe: "Plant Life Support: What Do You Put in the IV Bags?" (Dr. Matzner, Biology)