Archive of Student Presentations 2001

Oral Presentations

Hans Arneson, "The Character of the Spirit of God as Portrayed in I and II Samuel"  (Dr. Bowman, Religion)

Michelle Cederburg & Travis Dierks, "Obesity and Infertility in the Lethal Yellow Mouse"
(Dr. Diggins, Biology)

Kira Christensen, Jennie Graves, Michael Smith, Erika Iverson & Meghan Swanson, "Taking Place...Taking Up Space"  (Dr. Swanson, Religion)

Crystal Cunningham, "Implementing Jaguar 4.0 in the Undergraduate Laboratory: A Computational Investigation of the Nickel-Iron Hydrogenase"  (Dr. Viste & Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Justin Elkins, "Spiritual Satisfaction of the Self-Determination Theory's Three Psychological Needs"  (Dr. Rotondo, Psychology)

Lenora Heckel, "How Do You Define Happiness?"  (Dr. Rotondo, Psychology)

Courtney Huse-Wika, "What is the Meaning of Suffering? Communitarian and Theological Responses"  (Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Adam Iverson, "Synthetic Happiness: Aristotle's Ancient Philosophy in Conjunction With Csikszentmihalyi's Modern Psychology"  (Dr. Waddell, Philosophy)

Thomas Jacobson, "God is Not a Giant Elmo Doll: The Inconsistent Portrayal of God in the David Story" (Dr. Bowman, Religion)

Kari Lunder, "Anticorrosive Quaternary Compounds"  (Dr. Earl, Chemistry)

Brianna McTague, "Diarrhea Doesn't Care Which Side You're On: Realistic and Fictional Images of Medical Conditions During the Civil War"  (Dr. Debbie Hanson, English)

Tom Madison, "Advocating an Increase in South Dakota's Minimum Wage"  (Dr. Nesiba, Economics)

Courtney Mehlhaff, "The Hiddenness of God"  (Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion)

Nichole Miller, "Reactions of NOx with CH ² and HCCl"  (Dr. Viste, Chemistry)

Daniel Opheim, "Carbon isotope discrimination as a marker for heat tolerance in wheat and potential for quantitative trait locus mapping"  (Dr. Wanous, Biology)

Megan Rohrer, "Homosexuality and the Search for Reconciliation" (Dr. Bartel, Religion)

Ann Elizabeth Rosendale, "Happiness, Religiosity, and Social Support"  (Dr. Rotondo, Psychology)

Sara Stegemann, "Radical Reform in Rock County"  (Dr. VanWienen, English)

David Stone, "Synthesis Toward Alkaline Earth Metal Silanide and Germanide Derivatives" 
(Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Ellen Walsh, "Risk Factors for Heart Disease Among Military Guard and Reserve Personnel in South Dakota"  (Dr. Dorn, Nursing)

Andrea Wiegers & Sara Skrdlant, "Research Into Practice: Connecting Teachers to the Cognitive Strategy Instruction in Writing (CSIW)"  (Dr. Hallenbeck & Dr. Hanavan, Education)

Poster Presentations

Andrew Aspaas, Levi Stanley & David Stone, "Investigation in Dihydrofuran Carbaldehydes, Monomers of Possibile Novel Antibiotics" (Dr. Duffy-Matzner, Chemistry)

Joan Benz, "Meeting the Needs of Rural Seniors" (Dr. Harriet Scott, Social Work)

Alison Bloedow & Stacey Hesse, "Family Travels: A Voyage to Accepting Disability" (Dr. Friehe, Education)

Andrea Christensen, "Seasonality Metrics" (Dr. Swets, Computer Science)

Tina Gudahl, "Analysis of animal bones from various sites in Nebraska" (Dr. Matzner & Michael Chapman, Biology)

Ellen Holste, "The Effect of Light Level, Moisture Level, Nutrient Level, and Soil Type on Drought Tolerance in Pinto Beans" (Dr. Matzner, Biology)

Karen K. Ishmael, "Family Presence During CPR" (Dr. Leuning, Nursing)

Jenny Kapplinger, "Analysis of Ranid Herpesvirus I DNA with Tumorigenic Potential" (Dr. Carlson, Biology)

Heidi Koerner, "Inducing Apoptosis in Human Breast Cancer Cells" (Dr. Carlson, Biology)

Jesse Munkvold, Lincoln Likness, Sara Cody & Becky Hoaby, "Determination of Pheasant Diet and Habitat Usage in South Dakota and Wisconsin Via Stable Isotope Analysis" (Dr. Spencer, Biology)