Creating Memorable Experiences

UBG leaders Alicia Arango and Alyssa Klimisch

Augustana’s Union Board of Governors designs activities to entertain, engage and enlighten students on campus.

Meet Head Governors Alicia Arango and Alyssa Klimisch.

Q. Tell us the basics: ages, hometowns, class years, majors, etc.
I’m 21 years old. I’m a junior nursing major from Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Alyssa: I’m 21 years old. I’m a junior from Yankton, South Dakota. I’m a double major in nursing and Spanish.

Q. How does UBG serve the student body?

A. We believe that UBG has an essential role on the Augustana campus. UBG provides on-campus activities that appeal to the entire student body. For all students, a key part of enjoying college is making it their home, and spending time on campus can do just that. Students come to our events and enjoy the entertainment, make friends, and feel comfortable and welcome. We always plan our events with the student body in mind. All of the governors work together to come up with new ideas, goals and activities that students will enjoy.

Q. Tell us about your roles with UBG. What are your chief responsibilities?
UBG serves the Augustana community by programming activities that entertain, engage, and enlighten. Our chief responsibilities are to lead weekly meetings with our board, work with the administration and Campus Life, help governors with whatever they need for events, oversee all of the events, and to communicate with the student body.

Q. When did you become involved with UBG?
We were both involved in dance throughout our lives, so we became involved in UBG when we were asked to apply for the position of UBG Dance Governors. The following year we were encouraged to apply for head governors and we chose to apply because we both felt passionate about continuing our leadership in UBG.

Q. Tell us about the experience/skills/knowledge you’ve earned through your time as UBG Head Governors.
As Head Governors, we are in charge of the organization and work with all of the governors to organize and plan events throughout the entire year. To do this, we had to learn how to be leaders. We had a great group of governors working with us, so we had to learn how to push them even further and figure out how to organize all of the great events and plans that we had as a group. We also had to learn teamwork. This made it so fun to celebrate our successes but also gave us support for when problems occurred.

Q. How do you think these experiences/skills will translate into your career/professional lives?
As a nurse you are a leader in so many ways. You are responsible for your patients’ lives and that requires professionalism and organization along with many other skills. Also, a very important part of being a nurse is working with your team. You are always communicating with doctors, physical therapists, dietary staff and so many more professionals. It is so important to be able to work as a team to be able to care for your patient. UBG was a great experience to learn these skills that will translate into our professional careers.

Q. What are your career goals/dream jobs?
After graduation I plan on working as a nurse in a Twin Cities emergency department – maybe even working at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Alyssa: My career goals change almost every week, but that’s what I love about nursing. There are so many options and paths available to nurses. Right now, I want to work in a variety of areas to find my passion, and then continue my education in the area that I love.

Q. Most memorable experiences as a member of UBG, and why?
My most memorable event was the Halloween dance of 2014. The dance, held in the Back Alley on campus, hit a new record attendance nearing 600 students. It was our first big test as UBG governors. We discovered just how well we worked together, dividing up tasks in order to cover more ground.

Alyssa: For me, the most memorable experience was the UBG retreat this year. We went to Alexandria, South Dakota, with all of the governors in UBG and stayed at a cabin. We kayaked, paddle boarded, and hiked. It was a fun time to bond as a group and to plan for the upcoming year. We also played paint ball and, my team won, so that was fun! I’ve made so many friends through UBG. It’s been an awesome experience for me.