In the News: Program Helps Students 'Think Like Entrepreneurs'

Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy at Augustana University

Dr. Pam Homan, executive director of Augustana's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, talks with KELO-TV News about the Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy.

Program Helps Students 'Think Like Entrepreneurs'
By Brady Mallory, KELO-TV News

After students leave college with a diploma, the next question is: now what?  A six-week program from Augustana University and the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship may answer that.

Students are still Pam Homan's main focus after trading 35 years in K-12 education for university life at Augustana. Homan is proud of her old job as superintendent of the Sioux Falls School District, but is honest about what she is glad she left behind.

"I don't miss winter weather and calling the shots on whether or not there's school," Pam Homan said.

A year into her role as Executive Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Homan is helping young men and women call their own shots after school.

"Helping them understand the mindset, what does it take to move that passion to reality?" Homan said.

That is where the Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy comes in. The program helps students learn to think like entrepreneurs and discover career opportunities that fit themselves and their interests.

"How do you think creatively? What do you feel, have a passion about, and know that you could take your knowledge and skills but do something to solve a new problem or create a new service or invent a new product," Homan said.

This academy also introduces young men and women to community members who will mentor the students.

"To expand that connection between the student and the adult who has been there," Homan said.

There are currently college and high school students signed up for the program. There are other programs available that also have opportunities for adults.

The job title might be different, but Homan's goal remains the same.  She wants to help students find success as they move forward.

"Every day, you plant seeds and you hope those seeds grow," Homan said.