Archive of Student Presentations 2016

A list of student presentations the 2016 Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium follow, both Oral and Poster sessions.

Oral Presentations

THOMAS NORLAND Tabletop’s Golden Age (Patrick Hicks)

LORELEI TINAGLIA Public’s Perceptions of Homelessness (Casey Trainor)

ASHLEY SCHURR & JENNA VARILEK An Investigation of Social Media Usage Among Those with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (Karen Mahan)

ANTHONY PEDERSON Technological Evolutions of Banking and Financial Systems (Reynold Nesiba)

JESSE NELSON Civic Republicanism in the Era of Liberal Democracy: Lessons from Aristotle (Joel Johnson)

ELLEN VOIGT Attentuation of EPA and DHA-Mediated Platelet Inhibition Effects Following Heterogeneous Agonist Treatment (Mark Larson)

EMILY FITTERER Becoming Deaf (Jayna Fitzsimmons)

HANNAH ZYLSTRA Motivational Interviewing for Individuals with Disabilities: The Sanford CHOICES Program and FASD (Casey Trainor)

ALLISON L. WARNE Culturally Competent Care with a Focus on the Native American Culture (Karla Abbott & Gretchen Spars)

TIM-BAI LI Payday Lending in South Dakota (Reynold Nesiba)

CAMERON LEE MCCUE The Euro: A Failed Experiment (Reynold Nesiba)

BRIANNA GRANDPREY Variation in Courtship Behavior of Thermally-adapted Drosophila Melanogaster Populations (Cecilia Miles)

HEATHER WILSON Public Relations Practices in the Norwegian Oil Industry (Mike Nitz)

JASMIN FOSHEIM & NAOMI RUST 5 Minutes to Boost Creativity (Elizabeth Babcock)


DANNY BUTHERUS Credit Rating Agencies and The Subprime Mortgage Crisis of 2007 (Reynold Nesiba)

HANNAH NOREM Lessons Learned in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case: The Media, Nifong, and the System Itself (Peter Schotten)

ERIC VANDER LEE Creating a Tobacco Free Campus: A Student-Led Approach (Karla Abbott)

ABBIE BLANK-LIBRA Teaching in San José: Purpose Cultivates Perspective (Pilar Cabrera)

JUSTIN BROWN & JESSICA BOERNER Are You Sick, or Just Sleep Deprived?: The Relationship Between Sleep Difficulties and Health Anxiety (Casey Trainor)

LYNETTE APIO Nim on the K_{3,2} Graph (Lindsay Erickson)

MIKAYLA STAMP The Advantages and Pitfalls of Microcredit (Loren Keopsell & Reynold Nesiba)

KOFI GUNU Sustainable Development Through Industrialization: A Ghana Case Study (Reynold Nesiba)

KEVIN DOLGE The Synthesis of 9-bromo-10-diarylaminoanthracene for Use in Triarylamino Dyes for Solar Cells (Barrett Eichler)

ETHAN METZ Glutaminase Inhibition Increases Cell Death in Breast Cancer Cell Lines (Paul Egland)         

GENEVIEVE TILLOTSON & YAA TIWAA OFFEI DARKO Trait Anxiety Mediates Effect of Intolerance of Uncertainty on Sleep Difficulties (Casey Trainor)

THOMAS NORLAND The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra (Mike Mullin)

THOMAS ELNESS Bernie and Hillary: National Debt’s Impact on Campaign Rhetoric and Policy Proposals (Reynold Nesiba)

GABRIELLE MALMANGER & ANDRES MORALES Synthesis of PDPP2F-2E-T (Polydifurodiketopyrrolopyrrole-diethynylhexylthiophene) as Low Band Gap Polymers (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

JESSICA BOERNER Salud, Dinero, Amor: A Comparison of the United States and Peruvian Healthcare Systems (Paul Egland)

TRACY LINDSAY The Stories We Tell: Addressing Race on College Campuses (William Swart)

JENNA VARILEK & CJ HAM Stuttering: A Case Study (Karen Mahan)

MATHEW SCHILLING Vice in the Land of Smiles: The Thai Drug and Sex Trades (Reynold Nesiba)

JOE STEVENS Synthesis of Unsaturated Cyanohydrins for ISNC Reactions (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

MEGAN MINATRA & MORGAN NODSLE Preparing Teacher Candidates to Teach Diverse D/HH Students (Monica Soukup)

MELISSA MY DANG Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Undermine Vietnam’s Livestock and Aquaculture Sectors? (Reynold Nesiba)

LYNETTE APIO The Digitization of Money (Reynold Nesiba)

Poster Presentations

Hannah Thorp – The Conscious Coffee Consumer (Kristen Carlson)

Tressa Munger – Homo Neanderthalensis (Kristen Carlson)

Katherine Carlson – Burial Recovery Excavation Methods (Kristen Carlson)

Lauren Yares – Are Finders Always Keepers? Understanding the Influence of Courtship Residency on Male Contest Outcomes in the Cook Strait Giant Weta (Deinacrida Rugosa) (Bill Swart)

Lauren Yares, Alison Day & Elizabeth Gadberry – Perceived Control and the Relationship between Anxiety and Sleep Difficulties (Casey Trainor)

Ashley Skorczewski & Ivy Pearson – In Search of Creativity (Elizabeth Babcock)

Austin Ashbacher – Nuclear Localization of Thioredoxin-1 During Hyperoxic Injury (Peter Vitiello)

Caleb Larimer – Counterion Exchange and Stability of Natural Vascular Scaffold (Mark Larson)

Chase C. Marso – Effect of Vitamin D Repletion on Physical Fitness in Physically Active Adults (Shane Scholten)

Daniel Schmidtman – The Presence of Neurotrophic Factors and Receptors in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Paola Vermeer)

Deeksha Mohan & Caden Quintanilla – The Relationship between Egg Size and Terminal Filaments in Drosophila Lines Selected for Large Egg Size (Cecelia Miles)

Emily Kaufman – Computational Analysis of Proposed Tetrafuromacrolide (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Evan Meyer, Jordan Bormann & Ellen Voigt – Attentuation of EPA and DHA-Mediated Platelet Inhibition Effects Following Heterogeneous Agonist Treatment (Mark Larson)

Jamie Tracy, Luke Bartl & Jose Alvarez – Male Acoustic Phenotype Influences Female Mate Choice Decisions in a Lek-Mating Insect (Gryllotalpa major) (Carrie Hall)

Jessica Roetman & Jacob Kunkel – The SUSD2 Trap: A Mechanism for Galectin-1 Mediated Platelet Binding to Ovarian Cancer Cells (Jennifer Gubbels)

Joe Napierala & Selamawit Tegegn – Computer Interface for Image-Based Adaptive Femtosecond Control (Eric Wells)

Jordan Lindberg & Dylan Peters – Rapid Thermal Exchange and Effects on Muscular Performance (James Day)

Katie Grevlos – Concussions in Youth Sports (Sherry Barkley)

Kristi Porter & Mallory Wencil – Seasonal Variation of Physical Activity in Free-Living vs. Residential-Dwelling Older Adults (Sherry Barkley)

Matt Wagner & Chase Klingaman – Enzymatic Hydrolysis of 2,2-Diphenylethyl Glucosinolate (Jared Mays)

Nicole Schimelpfenig, Micaela Hallan & Megan Derenge – Nitrous Oxide Administration During Labor (Michelle Gierach)

Zach Huisken – Water Chemistry and Growth in the Threatened Coral Acropora Palmata (Cecelia Miles & Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Matt Bell, Ryder Reed & Alec Scarborough – Comparison of Microbiomes from Endangered and Common Nicrophorus Burying Beetles Shows Interspecies Diversity (Paul Egland)

Alexandra Mohror – Synthesis of CdSe/ZnS Nanocrystals and their Bioconjugation to DNA (Barrett Eichler)