Podcasting Takes AU Into the Future

Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve. More than just a motto, these words are a way of life at Augustana University. So, it should come as no surprise that Augie has chosen vocation as the subject of its first full-length podcast. The podcast will weave stories of vocation from Augustana students, current and retired professors and alumni across all stages of life.

“Vocation isn’t just about doing what I want to do. It’s about doing what the world needs me to do,” says Campus Pastor Ann Rosendale, host of the upcoming podcast. “All of us have a vocation, or multiple vocations, from birth to death. We have different callings at different ages and stages.”

While the idea for the podcast was planted by President Stephanie Herseth Sandlin a couple years ago, it did not take root until Dr. Peter Folliard, assistant professor of music, was working on a complementary project after being awarded the Oliver Innovation Grant. As the first recipients of the grant, Folliard, Dr. Katie McCollough, an assistant professor in communication studies, and Dr. Jeffrey Miller, professor of English/Journalism, used the funds to create a recording studio in Room 47 of the Humanities building. “Studio 47” soon took on a life of its own.

“I started getting contacted by different stakeholders on campus who had an interest [in audio recording],” says Dr. Folliard. “There’s a need and a desire and an amazing talent from students at Augie with this [studio],” says Dr. McCollough.

In the midst of the installation, Dr. Folliard crossed paths with Pastor Rosendale and asked if she had any ideas for the studio. “Talk about giving someone an acorn and having them grow a forest,” he says.

The yet to be named podcast, says Pastor Rosendale, “has been ministry as much as it is something the university is putting out there. It’s an outlet for people to tell their story. That’s what pastoral work is. I’m just doing it in front of a microphone now.”

After listening to hours of interviews in the course of production, Drs. Folliard and McCollough agree. “It’s not just about the podcast,” says Dr. McCollough. “It’s a vocation unto itself.”

“You are granted a privilege you are not used to,” says Dr. Folliard. “You almost get to be a confidante as a listener.”

The three creators have high hopes for the podcast. As new professors, Drs. Folliard and McCollough credit the podcast project with giving them a better understanding of what makes Augustana’s intersection of faith and education so powerful.

“Sometimes as teachers, we get caught up in our classes, and this is something bigger than that,” says Dr. McCollough.

Hearing other people’s stories of living out their vocation is inspiring and puts your own vocation at the forefront of your mind, says Dr. Folliard. “That’s what we’re hoping the listener gains from listening to the podcast.”

Augustana University professor Dr. Patrick Hicks hosts Poetry from Studio 47, a new weekly feature during South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s In the Moment, which highlights the life and work of poets. Poetry from Studio 47 is recorded at Studio 47, a world-class recording studio at Augustana University. The program is produced by Augustana University Orchestra Conductor Dr. Peter Folliard, who also wrote the opening music. The program features a variety of poets, but will focus on the poets of the Midwest and Great Plains. “We have a wealth of poetic talent in our state and it will be fun to share it with listeners,” says Dr. Hicks. “I think listeners are going to appreciate tuning in. Poems are essentially just little stories, and who doesn’t like a good story?”