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Recency Stroop Logogens Word Frequency Categorical Perception Speech Production McGurk Effect Auditory Perception
  • Recency Effect  
  • Primacy Effect  
  • The Stroop Effect 
  • Visual Stroop Test
  • An Experiment on the Stroop effect and hearing   
  • Stroop Test
  • Neuro-physiological Model of the Stroop Effect
  • Logogens Paper  
  • Morton's Logogen Model  
  • A Brain Potential Whose Latency Indexes the Length and Frequency of Words  
  • Advanced Topics: Categorical Perception  
  • Categorical Perception  
  • Psychophysical and cognitive aspects of categorical perception: A critical overview  
  • Categorical Perception Test
  • Speech Production  
  • speech  
  • Mechanism of Voice Production  
  • Hearing is Effected by Seeing  
  • Speech Recognition and Sensory Integration  
  • McGurk effect   
  • McGurk effect   
  • McGurk effect   
  • Automatic Speech Recognition Lab 
  • Brian Strope's Research: Auditory Recognition  
  • Central Institute for the Deaf: Auditory Research  
  • Auditory Basis of Speech Perception 
  • McGill University: Auditory Perception  
  • Auditory Perception Laboratory  
  • Pattern Playback  
  • Sine Wave Synthesis: Haskins Lab  
  • Speech Recognition and Sensory Integration  
  • Speech Recognition with Primarily Temporal Cues: Science  
  • Speech Segregation with Amplitude Modulation Maps  
  • SQUID Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) technology: Auditory  
  • Susan W. Jerger, Ph.D.: childhood hearing impairment affects the speech processing  
  • University of Essex, Hearing Research Laboratory: Auditory Perception Projects  
  • Role of Fo
  • Modulation Theory
  • Spectrogram Reading
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