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Nutrition and Hearing Loss:  
copper Effect of copper-deficient diet on metabolism in rat auditory structures
copper Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy presenting with protein-losing gastroenteropathy and serum copper deficiency: a case report
copper Auditory startle response is diminished in rats after recovery from perinatal copper deficiency
copper Age-related cochlear hair cell loss is enhanced in mice lacking copper/zinc superoxide dismutase
flouride Sodium fluoride: effectiveness of treatment for cochlear otosclerosis
flouride How and when to prescribe sodium fluoride
iodine Hypothyroidism and the ear: electrophysiological, morphological, and chemical considerations
iodine Relationship between urinary iodine concentration and hearing capacity in children
iodine Effects of nutrition on brain development in humans
iodine Iodine intakes assessed by urinary iodine concentrations in healthy children aged ten months, two years, and four years
iodine Iodine deficiency disorders in Europe
iodine Audiological and neuropsychological development study in a sample of school children from a low-iodine area of the Central Apennines that is endemic for cretinism
iodine Improvement in hearing among otherwise normal schoolchildren in iodine-deficient areas of Guizhou, China, following use of iodized salt
iodine Neurological signs in congenital iodine-deficiency disorder (endemic cretinism)
iron Noise-induced hearing loss in iron-deficient rats
iron Attenuation of cochlear damage from noise trauma by an iron chelator, a free radical scavenger and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor in vivo
iron Salicylate attenuates gentamicin-induced ototoxicity
iron Attenuation of neomycin ototoxicity by iron chelation
iron Iron chelators protect from aminoglycoside-induced cochleo- and vestibulo-toxicity
iron Variable efficacy of radical scavengers and iron chelators to attenuate gentamicin ototoxicity in guinea pig in vivo
iron Protection from gentamicin ototoxicity by iron chelators in guinea pig in vivo
iron Changes in the cochlear iron enzymes and adenosine triphosphatase in experimental iron deficiency
iron Iron deficiency and hearing loss. Experimental study in growing rats
magnesium Biochemical mechanisms affecting susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss
magnesium Dependence of noise-induced hearing loss upon perilymph magnesium concentration
magnesium Increased noise trauma in guinea pigs through magnesium deficiency
magnesium Prevention of noise-induced hearing loss
magnesium Influence of dietary magnesium on the amplitude of wave V of the auditory brainstem response
magnesium Noise-induced hypertension and magnesium in rats: relationship to microcirculation and calcium
magnesium Oral magnesium supplementation as prophylaxis for noise-induced hearing loss: results of a double blind field study
magnesium Oral magnesium intake reduces permanent hearing loss induced by noise exposure
magnesium Enhanced ototoxicity of gentamicin and salicylate caused by Mg deficiency and Zn deficiency
magnesium Preventive effect of magnesium supplement on noise-induced hearing loss in the guinea pig
magnesium The effect of polikatan on the ototoxic action of kanamycin
oxygen Results of multistep oxygen therapy in the treatment of sudden hearing loss
sulfur L- and D- methionine provide equivalent long term protection against CDDP-induced ototoxicity in vivo, with partial in vitro and in vivo retention of antineoplastic activity
sulfur An epidemic in Cuba of optic neuropathy, sensorineural deafness, peripheral sensory neuropathy and dorsolateral myeloneuropathy
sulfur Treatment with sulfur hexafluoride in children with serous otitis media. An alternative to tubulation
zinc Effects of moderate zinc deficiency on cognitive performance in young adult rats
zinc Zinc: the neglected nutrient
zinc Protection against salicylate ototoxicity by zinc
zinc Reversal of desferrioxamine induced auditory neurotoxicity during treatment with Ca-DTPA
zinc Cu/Zn SOD deficiency potentiates hearing loss and cochlear pathology in aged 129,CD-1 mice
A Vitamin A deficiency increases noise susceptibility in guinea pigs
A Vitamin A deficiency and sensory function
A The therapeutic effect of vitamins A and E in neurosensory hearing loss
A Vitamin A and the ear. Review of the literature
A Vitamin A concentration in plasma and ability to hear in patients with chronic alcoholic liver diseases
A The influence of chronic vitamin A deficiency on human and animal ears
A Experimental studies on the role of vitamin A in the inner ear
A Temporal bone histopathology in experimental hypovitaminosis A
B Hearing recovery in sudden deafness with profound hearing loss
B-complex Evaluation of tinnitus patients by peroral multi-drug treatment
B-6 Brainstem auditory evoked potential interwave intervals are prolonged in vitamin B-6-deficient cats
B-12 Vitamin B12 deficiency in patients with chronic-tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss
B-12 Evoked responses in vitamin B12 deficiency
B-12 Age-related hearing loss, vitamin B-12, and folate in elderly women
biotin Rat as a potential model for hearing loss in biotinidase deficiency
biotin Biotinidase deficiency: a survey of 10 cases
biotin Biotin-responsive encephalopathy with myoclonus, ataxia, and seizures
biotin Long-term auditory and visual complications of biotinidase deficiency
biotin Biotinidase deficiency: presymptomatic treatment
biotin Biotinidase deficiency: initial clinical features and rapid diagnosis
folic acid Utility of electrophysiologic study using the blink reflex and brainstem evoked potentials for the evaluation of the course of uremic polyneuropathy
thiamine Delayed auditory brainstem response in thiamin-deficient rats
thiamine Thiamine-responsive myelodysplasia
thiamine Impairment of olfactory, auditory, and spatial serial reversal learning in rats recovered from pyrithiamine-induced thiamine deficiency
thiamine Neuro-otologic findings in the Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
thiamine Effects of high dietary sulfur on brain functions using evoked potentials technique
C Effect of ascorbic acid on the numerical hair cell loss in noise exposed guinea pigs
C Glutathione protection against gentamicin ototoxicity depends on nutritional status
D Vitamin D deficiency and otosclerosis
D Vitamin D deficiency and deafness: 1984 update
D Vitamin D deficiency--a new cause of cochlear deafness
D Evaluation of vitamin D metabolism in patients with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss
D Histologically proven cochlear otosclerosis with pure sensorineural hearing loss
D The effect of vitamin D deficiency on the cochlear potentials and the perilymphatic ionized calcium concentration of rats
E Electrophysiologic features of abetalipoproteinemia: functional consequences of vitamin E deficiency
E Vitamin E and neurological function: abetalipoproteinaemia and other disorders of fat absorption
Amino Acids
glutathione Role of glutathione in protection against noise-induced hearing loss
glutathione Glutathione protection against gentamicin ototoxicity depends on nutritional status
glutathione Influence of intense sound exposure on glutathione synthesis in the cochlea
methionine Protection of both auditory hair cells and auditory neurons from cisplatin induced damage
methionine D-methionine provides excellent protection from cisplatin ototoxicity in the rat
methionine Antioxidants attenuate gentamicin-induced free radical formation in vitro and ototoxicity in vivo: D-methionine is a potential protectant
methionine L- and D- methionine provide equivalent long term protection against CDDP-induced ototoxicity in vivo, with partial in vitro and in vivo retention of antineoplastic activity
taurine Effects of dietary taurine on auditory function in full-term infants
taurine The role of taurine in infant nutrition
taurine Randomized trial of taurine supplementation for infants less than or equal to 1,300-gram birth weight: effect on auditory brainstem-evoked responses
taurine Taurine in pediatric nutrition: review and update
taurine Interactions of acoustic and somatosensory evoked responses in a polysensory cortex of the cat
taurine Comparison of the developmental changes of the brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) in taurine-supplemented and taurine-deficient kittens
taurine The effect of a taurine modified diet on normal and hydropic ears of the guinea pig
taurine The effect of taurine supplementation on the ototoxicity of neomycin in guinea pigs
arginine Effects of influenza infection, aspirin, and an arginine-deficient diet on the inner ear in Reye's syndrome
arginine NG-methyl-L-arginine protects the guinea pig cochlea from the cytotoxic effects of pneumolysin
carnitine L-carnitine treatment improves brain stem auditory evoked potentials in diabetic rats
CoQ10 Pharmacokinetics of coenzyme Q10 in recovery of acute sensorineural hearing loss due to hypoxia
CoQ10 The effects of coenzyme Q10 treatment on maternally inherited diabetes mellitus and deafness, and mitochondrial DNA 3243 (A to G) mutation
CoQ10 Effect of intermittent sound stimulation on cochlear microphonics and the possible preventive effect of coenzyme Q10
glucose Combined use of glucose and rest period between noise exposure to reduce noise--induced hearing loss
alpha-linolenic Changes in auditory brainstem responses in alpha-linolenic acid deficiency as a function of age in rats
sea buckhorn Hearing loss and trace elements Fe2+ and Zn2+ in the perilymph
ginkgo biloba Experimental studies of the protective effect of ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) on cisplatin-induced toxicity in rats



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