Internet Portals for Audiologists

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Perry C. Hanavan, MA, FAAA

Web Portal:

"A Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and on-line shopping malls. The first Web portals were online services, such as AOL, that provided access to the Web, but by now most of the traditional search engines have transformed themselves into Web portals to attract and keep a larger audience." (

"In Internet lingo, a portal is just a gateway to the Internet the page that pops up when you launch your browser and begin your World Wide Web wanderings." (


Most portals offer personalization. A user may alter the layout and context of a portal. Typically the user must register, login and logout. Most portals want the user to make their personalized portal their homepage.

Types of Portals:

There are many different types of portals ( including special category portals ( and personal portals such as John Dvorak’s own personal portal (

Web Portals for Audiologists:

The audiologist uses many tools in his/her professional practice including audiometers, ABR, OAE, immittance, questionnaires, etc. The web is becoming an increasingly important tool for the audiologist. Thus, a web page has been developed to show several examples web pages that are special category audiology portals ( accessed by audiologists. Finally, a web page has been developed to serve as an example of an audiology personal portal (

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