Pi Delta Phi

2014 Pi Delta Phi Initiation Ceremony

Pi Delta Phi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is represented at public and private colleges and universities throughout the US, as well as chapters in Paris and Aix-en-Provence. Augustana College's chapter, Mu Alpha, was established in 1997, and is the 288th chapter of the Society.

Pi Delta Phi recognizes students' outstanding achievement in French language and the literatures of the French-speaking world. The Society's motto—Probaínomen Diakritoi Philogálatoi—means Avançons, amis fidèles de la culture française (Forward, faithful friends of French culture). Students at Augustana College who the Society's membership requirements are invited to join. Members of Pi Delta Phi are eligible to apply for one of the Society's generous scholarships for summer study abroad. Consult the National Pi Delta Phi website for more information. For questions about the Mu Alpha chapter, contact the Faculty Advisor Dr. Scott Fish. For more information visit: www.pideltaphi.org

Mu Alpha Member List

Anna Brufflat, Yaa Offei-Darko, Christian Einertson, Megan Gades, Misael Garcia, Quinn Jacobs

Claire Frost, Bailey Ketelsen, Monica Llaguno, Karl Lund, Austin Mielke, Melissa Soe, September Symens, Alexis Vana, Bianca Wilbur

Laura Bane, Sydney Fleming, Sabrina Johnson, Madeline Nykamp, Elle Onisciuc, Megan Soe

Carly Blankenfeld, Madison Hults, Elisabeth Jorde

Krystal Anderson, Amanda Buhl, Stephanie Laska, Allyson Poston, Katrin Profilet, Meredith Reynolds, Daniel Schoen, Kelly Silvers, Chelsey Viger

Clara Fisher, Megan Hasche, Tyler Maybee, Karissa Pepin, Jacinta Sutphin, Kirsten Wollman

Ashley Ballou-Bonnema, Christopher Johnson, Danielle Doran, Ihoby Rakotomalala, Jorgen Lervick, Kelsey Ott, Margaret Olson
Honorary Member: Prof. Florence Thompsen

Maren Peterson

Elizabeth Almlie, Heather Barthelman, Caroline Merriman, Julianne L. Minar, Miriam C. Rollason
Honorary Members: Sean Kaufhold, J.D., Cheryl Koch, Stephanie Tschetter, Haley Ward

Charles Buehler, Justine Ferguson, Justine Lueth, Jade Nelson, Kristen Pittenger, Amanda Rasmussen

Lindsay Ammann, Henna Hussain, Megan Ihnen, Andrew Kightlinger, Bridget Lervick, Angela Lucas, Amanda Lundy, Heidi Reinders, Diana Ringen, Amanda Robson, Linnea Thunselle

Shannon Brantley, Andre D'Souza, Christine Fossum, Allison Girtz, Christina Hansen, Sally Kessler, Cassandra Robertson, Emily Peltier, Peter Scholtz, Angela Teigland, Jannicke Witsø

Lanae Steen

Ruth Arpas, Sarah Graff, Maren Williams

Deidra Bourne, Yuri Grankin, Michele Schaffer, Sarah Wayne

Christine Barrow, Katie Doyle, Faye Oliver, Alicia Sauer, Chad Wolbrink

Charter Members: Rebecca Aden, Karie Eggebratten, Monique Schmidt