Policy on Computers for new Tenure Track Faculty

ITS/Dean's Policy on Computers for new Tenure Track Faculty

ITS will provide a desktop or laptop computer system for new tenure track faculty.  These systems will be typical of our TT faculty systems and are  sufficient for most applications.
Those new tenure track faculty who have more sophisticated office computer needs should work with ITS to configure a system that may be funded from your grant or start-up funds (not departmental funds).  In these cases, a small credit for the standard system may also be applied by the Dean's Office.

For new faculty members who have research lab computer needs, the funding to support those purchases shall come exclusively from their start-up funds.

All computer purchases shall be made in coordination with ITS. 

Current interpretation of this Policy:

1. NEW full-time faculty desktop systems. When possible the new faculty member will use the computer that was allocated to the previous position/office. ITS looks at the system currently in the office and may decide to replace it with a newer system from the current pool of available systems. New faculty members are not promised NEW computers in their contracts. If a reallocated system will not meet the needs of the new faculty, they are allowed to use their startup funds to purchase a new computer.

2. If the new faculty member requests a laptop or a Mac, we often do not have these types to reallocate. Historically, if the newly hired faculty member requires a laptop or iMac, the Dean has purchased these systems. If the system cost will be over $1000 the faculty member is asked to cover the overage with their start up funds.  $1000 covers what the vast majority of faculty will need for their office.

3. Also see the ITS Computer Purchase Policy which explains our yearly reallocation to current faculty and staff.