Program Goals

The overall goal of our athletic training program is to prepare our students for the profession of athletic training. Students are challenged to think for themselves and are provided with the opportunity to learn the profession of athletic training first-hand. Our students view athletic training as an integral component of the health care services that can be delivered to the community.

We want our students to make a positive contribution to the professional growth of the athletic training profession and we expect our students to uphold high moral and ethical conduct.

We are able to accomplish these goals by requiring our teaching faculty, Clinical Preceptors (CPs) and allied health education professionals, who are formally associated with our program, to set good examples of behavior through their professional and ethical conduct. We challenge our students in the classroom through lecture, group discussion, power point presentations, guest lectures, laboratory, and diverse clincal experiences. Our Clinical Preceptors (CPs) offer a broad diversity of clinical education experiences for our students. Our students receive extensive opportunities to develop their cognitive knowledge, psychomotor skills and effective learning of athletic training through our didactic and clinical education programs.

Our educational goals are consistent with the Athletic Training Educational Competencies and Proficiencies found within the framework of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). Our curriculum is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) and our graduates are expected to take and pass the national BOC (Board of Certification) examination.

Our students graduate from Augustana College with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in athletic training in four years. Students who do not successfully complete the required pre-requisite courses during their freshman year will not graduate in four years. Our curriculum is a 65 credit hour major with a strong emphasis on science and health care principles. Once a student is accepted into the curriculum, they will participate in three structured years of sequenced didactic and clinical education. Students must also complete the college degree requirements listed in The Augustana Plan for degree completion for a Liberal Arts institution.

It is a primary goal of our program to prepare the graduate to become a qualified health care professional educated and experienced in the management of health care problems associated with sports participation.