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3a Internship Centers in Years 1-3

Final Report
March 2006

Arlen Viste
Faculty Development Coordinator

3a project activity extends throughout the 3 years of the Faculty Development grant.

Early activity involved Richard Hanson, Project Director and Dean of the College, and Arlen Viste, Faculty Development Coordinator, in meeting with groups of supportive Augustana alumni in five geographic areas: Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC. This is summarized in the Augustana Internship Centers Update.

First, Dick Hanson and Arlen Viste met with a group of alumni at an invited dinner at the Holiday Inn in Northglenn, CO, on the near north side of Denver, on 29 June 2003. Second, Arlen Viste met with a group of Minneapolis area Augustana alumni at the Radisson Hotel South in Minneapolis, at an invited dinner held on 28 Sept 2003. Third, Arlen Viste met with a group of Chicago area Augustana alumni at the Chicago O'Hare Marriott on 12 Oct 2003.

Next, Dick Hanson met with a group of San Francisco area Augustana alumni in early February 2004. These meetings, held individually or in small groups, were facilitated by Jane Zaloudek of the Augustana Board of Regents (subsequently renamed Board of Trustees and currently chaired by Jane Zaloudek).

Dick Hanson met with a group of Washington, DC area Augustana alumni, 29 April - 2 May 2004. Possibilities for productive interaction with the existing Washington Semester program were also examined.

A later creative development is that three Augustana students carried out international projects, including an Internship, which were assisted financially by the Faculty Development grant. There were located at and facilitated by the Lutheran World Federation headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Thus part of the 3a Internship project consisted in development of infrastructure with groups of interested Augustana alumni in the five US geographical areas indicated. Another aspect has been the opportunity to provide a modest stipend to students carrying out 3a Internships, to help offset the costs of their Internship activities at locations at a distance from Augustana and Sioux Falls, SD.

Augustana has long had students doing internships, but most have been in the Sioux Falls, SD area, so that students can do their internships while taking their normal classwork at Augustana. The Career Center, headed currently by Sandi Vietor, does a fine job in facilitating such internships. Sandi Vietor has been very helpful and interested in the Internship opportunities and activities under this 3a project. As this Faculty Development grant comes to completion at the end of February 2006, Sandi Vietor will take over the 3a Internship centers and opportunities and provide ongoing continuity, internalized in the Augustana Career Center program.

Next we summarize some examples of the student internship projects facilitated and supported under the 3a project. There are of course well developed procedures, coordinated through the Registrar's Office, for a student to register and receive credit for an Internship, working in coordination with an Augustana faculty member as well as with their supervisor at the Internship location.

2003-2004 Academic year
Elizabeth Hoium carried out an Internship in Church Music at Augustana Lutheran Church, Denver, CO during January 2004. Contact and arrangements were facilitated by Arvid Brekke, Denver area alum, who is a member of that congregation and is a former member of the Augustana Board of Regents. Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion, was the Augustana faculty member in the project. Dr. Michael Shasberger was Internship supervisor on site. The Internship worked out very well. Following her subsequent graduation from Augustana in May 2004, Elizabeth Hoium has worked part time at Augustana Lutheran, her former Internship site, and is a student at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, a theological school of the United Methodist Church.

Matthew Peirce carried out an Internship at Inspiration Café in Chicago (Inspiration Corporation) during January 2004. His on site supervisor was Chad Wolbrink, an Augustana alum. His Augustana faculty member was in the Government department. Two Chicago alumni helped Matt make the connection with his Internship: Marvel Vander Kooi and Katie Foutz. His initial housing was provided by Augustana alumni Delores and Mario Candia. Matt graduated from Augustana at the end of Fall 2005. He is currently teaching in Germany, in the Potsdam area.

Following their return from the Internships, Elizabeth Hoium and Matthew Peirce met with the Faculty Development Committee to report on their experiences.

2004-2005 Academic Year
Philip Knight carried out an Internship with the Minnesota Orchestra, Minneapolis, MN, during January 2005. Arrangement of the Internship was facilitated by Augustana alum Kari Sonnichsen Marshall, Artistic Administrator of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Fenecia Homan carried out an Internship in a church congregation in an urban setting in the Milwaukee, WI area, during January 2005. We regard this as related to the Chicago Internship Center, and is listed that way on our web site. This Internship was facilitated by Pastor Jennifer Thomas in Milwaukee. Interestingly, both Fenecia Homan and Pr. Jennifer Thomas were undergraduate Math majors at Augustana. Fenecia Homan graduated from Augustana in May 2005. Following a year of service, she plans to attend Seminary. Following her Internship, she spoke in the Augustana Chapel on 6 May 2005.

Alexia Stave carried out an Internship at Fairview Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN during January 2005. This was coordinated through the Augustana Nursing Department. Dr. Cheryl Leuning is an Augustana alum who is Chair of the Nursing Department at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, and is a former faculty member in the Augustana Nursing Department.

Some other Internships supported during 2004-2005 included several during Fall 2004 in the Washington Semester program of which Augustana is a member, and three Nursing Internships in Harlingen, Texas. The latter represent an extension of the 3a program, arranged by the Nursing Department through alumni connections.

2005-2006 Academic Year
Kate Henkin and Tricia Van Dyke carried out Nursing Internships at the University of Saskatchewan, during January 2006. These emphasize transcultural nursing, and are related to the 4b project of Muriel Larson and Diane Josephson of the Augustana Nursing Department. Connection with the health care of First Nation people is an important part of the venture.

Betsy Parsley and Melissa Eberhard carried out Nursing Internships in Denver and Fort Collins, CO respectively, during January 2006.

Maggie Williamson did a Biology Internship in San Francisco, CA during January 2006. The Augustana faculty supervisor was Dr. Leland Johnson. The Internship was related to kidney disease, dialysis, and kidney transplant. It had a strong transcultural aspect, as the main clinic consists of staff and patients who are primarily Chinese speaking.

During January 2006 there were three additional Nursing Internships in Harlingen, TX, and one Nursing Internship in Omaha, NE.

There were also three students during January 2006 and the Spring 2006 semester who were in the Washington Semester program.

Students who carried out 3a Internship projects during 2005-2006 completed pre- and post-questionnaires dealing with their projects and their resulting learning. These questionnaire data have been provided to Dr. Susan Hatfield, the Consultant and External Evaluator for this Faculty Development grant.

3a -4a-4b Internship projects in an international setting at LWF in Geneva, Switzerland
Ingrid Arneson did a 4a-3a project at LWF during Summer 2004. The Augustana faculty member was Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion.

Andrea Halverson did a 4b-3a project at LWF during Summer 2005. The Augustana faculty member was Dr. Joe Dondelinger, Government.

Christy Hallenbeck did a 4b-3a project at LWF during Summer 2005. The Augustana faculty member was Dr. Janet Blank-Libra, Journalism and English.

Concluding Reflections
The 3a Internship Centers project has been quite useful and effective over the three years of the Faculty Development grant. It has served to build infrastructure and bridges with Augustana Alumni. It has provided modest stipends to students who have carried out Internships at a distance from Augustana College and Sioux Falls, SD. For a number of the students doing Internships, the projects have provided transcultural and multicultural opportunities for reflection and involvement. The Internships have been at locations at a considerable distance from Augustana.

The 3a project has been complementary to the Internship efforts of the Augustana Career Center, whose Internships have been more numerous in part because they tend to be in or very near Sioux Falls.

As this Faculty Development grant comes to completion at the end of February 2006, Sandi Vietor, Director of the Career Center, will take over the 3a Internship centers and opportunities and provide ongoing continuity, internalized in the Augustana Career Center program.

We sincerely thank the Bush Foundation for providing financial support through the Faculty Development Grant, making possible these very helpful 3a Internship projects, as well as all other aspects of the grant.