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Archives for Bush Faculty Development Committee 1993-2002

New faculty 1993-2001

Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD


Year 1 (Jan 2003 - May 2004)

During Year 1, the Faculty Development Committee has selected leaders for several sections of the Faculty Development Grant. The leader will organize the activities of that area. In stewardship of that section the leader agrees to carry out evaluation /assessment substantially equivalent to that specified in the grant, in communication with John Clementson. The leader will submit a report to the Faculty Development Committee by the end of Year 1, with an interim progress report by Nov 30, 2003.
Assessment Resources

Section of Faculty Development Grant Year 1 Budget Leader
2e. Projects that explore the way students learn from general education (pedagogy, student learning outcomes.) $4000 John Bart
6a. Revision of the orientation of new faculty process to include reading, mentoring and evaluation of mission development $1000 Dick Hanson
6b. Revision of the New Student Seminar to include questions of mission, of liberal arts, and of college vocation $1000 Marcia Entwistle
6c. Revision of the Capstone course to include questions of mission, of liberal arts, and of college vocation $1000 John Bart
6d. Develop a series of workshops for faculty on the mission and vocation of the college $1500 Ann Pederson and Paul Rohde

Note: Sections 6a, 6b, and 6c have budget funding in Year 1, but not in Year 2 or Year 3.


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