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Archives for Bush Faculty Development Committee 1993-2002

New faculty 1993-2001

Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD


Year 3 (Jan - Dec 2005)

For Year 3, the Faculty Development Committee is selecting leaders for certain sections of the Faculty Development Grant. The leader will organize the activities of that area. In stewardship of that section the leader agrees to carry out evaluation /assessment substantially equivalent to that specified in the grant, in communication with Dennis Larson. Including the Evaluation Activities agreed on, the Leader will submit a Final Report is due one month after the conclusion of the time line proposed. If this date goes beyond Nov 30, 2005, also submit a succinct Interim Report by that date. The Final report must be submitted at the very latest by March 31, 2006 -- Year 3 (calendar year 2005) is the final year of this grant. Submit the reports electronically to Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell.
Assessment Resources

Section of Faculty Development Grant Year 3 Budget Leader
2a. Projects exploring nontraditional student learning experiences $5000 Margot Nelson, Nursing
6d. [Develop a series of workshops for faculty on the mission and vocation of the college.]
In lieu of local workshops, support attendance at Collaboration Conference in Bloomington, MN, 18-19 Nov 2005. Fill out Registration form and bring it to Dianne Hammrich (Academic Affairs) by Oct 18. The Faculty Development grant will cover registration, meals, 2 nights at hotel, and mileage for two cars of 3-4 people each. Drive up Thurs afternoon Nov 17, drive back Sat afternoon Nov 19.
$3000 from Yr 2 and 3 Faculty Development Committee and Dean of the College

Assessment: en route home, each participant will write and hand in (to the Faculty Development Committee) a one page summary of selected highlights of the conference, related to student learning.

Conference Program

Final Report

6f. Nurture development and growth of faculty leaders as part of the vocation of the college  [Section added in Year 3] $10,000 Bob Kiner, Vice President of Academic Affairs


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