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Archives for Bush Faculty Development Committee 1993-2002

New faculty 1993-2001

Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Faculty Development Grant Proposal

    4. Diversity, globalism, regional and international perspectives

      4a. Project Grants (7-10 each year) for classroom-based efforts at internationalization and global immersion

Program Strategy 4a. The project will fund 21 to 30 Project Grants (7-10 each year) across the life of the project. These grants will be for classroom-based efforts at internationalization and global immersion. Recruit 7-10 faculty per year to expand global and multicultural emphases in 1-2 courses each. Group in 3 groups per year, across disciplines, for faculty interaction. Recruit across all 3 divisions, including language faculty and NAST.
Evaluation Activities The college will establish a baseline of awareness of varying perspectives (in a variety of courses, especially those in the general education core). Each project grant will develop components related specifically to assessment of student awareness and student learning of global/international issues.
Specific Intended Outcomes This goal will have been met when:

1. The exposure of students to issues of internationalization and global immersion have systematically increased within the curriculum.

2. The curriculum at Augustana is measurably different with regard to exposure to cultural diversity within its standard curriculum.

3. The faculty specific and class-specific emphases on internationalization and globalism are measurably different.


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