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Archives for Bush Faculty Development Committee 1993-2002

New faculty 1993-2001

Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Faculty Development Grant Proposal

    5. Information technology (IT)

      5b. Campus Center for Web-based Research and Instruction (CWRI).

Program Strategy 5b. Development of a campus Center for Web-based Research and Instruction (CWRI). Led by instructional technologist the college will run workshops and short courses for faculty, each interacting with several students.
Evaluation Activities The efficacy of this step will be seen in terms of faculty-student use, and the quality of the service offered (assessed on a regular basis).
Specific Intended Outcomes This goal will have been met when:

1. Technology is integrated into the learning environment to enhance the learning the student.

2.We have a means to assess the impact of the technology upon student learning.

3. There is a demonstrated relationship between research and learning (assessment of both faculty and student learning).


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