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Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Faculty Development Grant Proposal

I: Introduction

Augustana College is located on the eastern edge of South Dakota, a gateway to the great prairies of the upper midwest. Resembling its heritage, students at Augustana College are often first generation matriculants, filled with interest and talent, but also marked by the rugged individualism and independence of their forebears. Student learning at Augustana reflects those sorts of characteristics. It is those expressions of student learning that this proposal seeks to address. In partnering with the Bush Foundation we wish to more fully understand student learning and the processes that enhance student learning. Since 1981, the relationship between Augustana College and the Bush Foundation Faculty Development Grants program has been productive. Bush Grants have helped launch:

  improved policies for sabbatical and doctoral leaves

  Capstone courses which focus on issues of values for our graduating students

  the New Student Seminar which assists students in their transition to college

  the Faculty-to-Faculty Mentor Program which facilitates the transition of new faculty

  course development and modification Mini-Grants, which improve the curriculum

  faculty seminars and colloquia addressing improved learning and diversity

  and support for faculty to attend conferences on improving teaching and learning.

These programs have had profound ongoing effects on this campus, and nearly all of them have become regular components of the college's program (and budget).

We now submit this program renewal grant proposal for your consideration as we envision new avenues and approaches in our pursuit of faculty development and student learning. This proposal builds upon a successful foundation of continuing faculty development and targets specific areas of faculty development that directly impact student learning and that are highly valued by faculty. The planning committee has met regularly for several months to prepare this proposal. In our work together we modeled the collaborative spirit we are seeking to promote in the new grant. The members of the committee brought varied and valuable backgrounds and perspectives to their roles. The committee members are Dr. Richard Hanson, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College (Project Director); Dr. Karen Dorn, Associate Professor of Nursing; Dr. Geoff Dipple, Assistant Professor of History; and Dr. LaMoyne Pederson, Professor of Philosophy. Karin Lindell serves as the Administrative Assistant for the planning committee. She was also Administrative Assistant for the college's most recent Bush Faculty Development Grants.

Planning for this proposal has meant casting a broad net. There was substantial campus involvement in the planning process for this proposal with the faculty engaged in a number of ways. Five sessions for input from the faculty were created: a luncheon and four open forums. At the luncheon, the room was set with 6 tables, each having a different question or discussion topic. Faculty were able to move around the room and provide input on questions and topics of interest. The open forums were scheduled across one week at times convenient to the faculty. Each forum was attended by at least one member of the proposal committee who took notes during the conversations.


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