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Faculty Development Grant

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Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Faculty Development Grant Proposal

II: Faculty Development and Strategic Initiatives at Augustana College

Augustana College has a long history of ongoing faculty development. Four major themes have been emphasized over the years: disciplinary research, teaching-learning scholarship, general faculty development activities, and discourse on faith, meaning, and the liberal arts. Examples from disciplinary research include (a) Sabbatical Leave Programs a year or semester of supported leave, (b) the Augustana Research and Artist Funds support individual faculty research and scholarly/artistic activity, (c) Professional Development Funds used at faculty discretion for professional meetings, professional literature and membership in professional societies, (d) Supplementary Conference Funds support for faculty presenting at regional, national or international meetings, (e) International Studies Funds support for faculty research abroad with special preference for study that leads to developing an international component to a course, and (f) Doctoral Enhancement Leaves leave support for faculty completing doctoral work or terminal degrees.

In addition, there are faculty development opportunities that more closely focus on teaching-learning scholarship. These include (a) attendance at conferences for the advancement of college teaching and learning, (b) the Fall Faculty Seminar held at the beginning of the academic year (which in 2002 will focus on academic assessment), (c) Writing Across the Disciplines workshop held each semester to assist faculty teaching writing component courses, and (d) regular faculty attendance at the Collaboration teaching and learning conferences (usually held in Minneapolis).

A third category of faculty development at Augustana College is what we call General Faculty Development. These faculty opportunities include (a) the New Faculty Mentor Program, (b) Attendance at Special Conferences Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Association of Lutheran College Faculty, Nobel Conference, the ELCA "Vocation of the Lutheran College" conference and the meeting of the Association of Lutheran College Faculty, (c) regularly scheduled Faculty Growth Luncheons forum for faculty to present research and scholarly activity offered frequently throughout the academic year, (d) the Humanistic Studies Colloquium forum for faculty to present research and promote interdisciplinary dialogue, (e) Special Seminars, Workshops and Exhibits regular and frequent opportunities for faculty to showcase disciplinary and cross disciplinary scholarly activity to the campus community, and (f) the Granskou Award support for faculty and administrators to work on a unique project of exceptional value to the campus community.

A final category of faculty development opportunity at Augustana College takes the form of specific activities surrounding Faith and the Liberal Arts. These opportunities include (a) the Stanley Olson Chair of Moral Values, an endowed rotating appointment for faculty to facilitate the study and discussion of issues of moral import, (b) the Our Savior's Lutheran Church Chair of Religious Education, supported by the Our Savior's Lutheran Church congregation to support educational opportunities presented in the Christian environment at Augustana College, and (c) the Clara Lea Olson Chair of Christian Ethics, which recognizes and rewards faculty members who exemplify Christian values in their conduct, teaching and research.

It is important to note that Augustana College has reorganized its faculty development program. The college will make use of a recently appointed Faculty Development Committee (formerly the Bush Committee), headed by a Director of Faculty Development (chair of the committee). The administrative oversight for faculty development will be in the office of Academic Affairs. In a related event, the college recently appointed a Director of Academic Assessment in a concerted effort to move the assessment of student learning effort along.


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