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Faculty Development Grant

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Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Faculty Development Grant Proposal

III: Faculty Development within the Strategic Direction of Augustana College

This proposal seeks to integrate appropriate faculty development activities (with commensurate impact on student learning) within the strategic direction of Augustana College. Within the last year, Augustana College completed its first academic master plan. This plan contains a directional structure for the college that has clear implications for the development of faculty skill, implications for student learning, and implications for the overall direction of the college.

Augustana College is an educational community that is grounded in the liberal arts. Its mission is:

    to offer to students of varying backgrounds, interests and ages a unique opportunity to achieve academic excellence and individual development in a Christian context. With its supportive community atmosphere, Augustana assists students in preparing for a life of career, service and continuing enrichment by blending the broad learning experiences of the liberal arts with the student's individual professional goals and in relating Christian faith to learning. The college serves the region and the larger society primarily through its undergraduate programs and through other programs designed to meet special community needs.1

Through the focus provided by our mission, Augustana College provides educational, research and service programs that are focused on the development of critical-thinking skills within the context of a concern for social responsibility. Academic programs accomplish the mission by empowering individuals, families and communities through teaching, research and service, anticipating the needs of people and collaborating with individuals and groups to develop innovative solutions to complex societal issues.

From this mission, Augustana College as an educational community has been guided by the shared fundamental values2 of the college: We are a college of the church; we strive for excellence; we are committed to service; we are a liberal arts institution; and we believe in the value of community. From these shared fundamental values, the education community we know as Augustana College continues to evolve.

The work around the development of the academic master plan has produced four important implications for faculty development at Augustana College. First, we seek to hold up the value and importance of interdisciplinary efforts in curriculum and teaching. Second, the college sees diversity and international/global issues as fundamentally important to the ongoing life and vitality of a liberal education. Another strategic imperative that has arisen from our planning is a continued emphasis on determining the role, function and pervasiveness of technology in the pedagogy of teaching and in the learning of our students. Finally, the master plan also called for greater assessment of student learning to guide decision making.3 These directions from the academic master plan may serve as a base for proposals from faculty during the project.

In some ways, this proposal builds on the last one, and in some ways, the activities suggested herein are unique. We have learned important lessons from our previous grant cycle and the comments presented by the evaluators and consultants. For example, the last grant exposed a weakness in our assessment efforts. As a result, this proposal emphasizes the assessment of student learning and incorporates better measures of grant effectiveness on said learning. This proposal is more focused than the last and has clearer objectives; e.g., there is more systematic focus for the instructional technologist around student learning. This proposal suggests themes that are more reflective of this place (Augustana College), themes that flow directly out of the Academic Master Plan that was recently adopted by the faculty. Finally, this proposal suggests more efficient organization of the assessment and faculty development efforts at the college.


1   Augustana College, General Catalog 2002-2004, p. 4

2   Approved by the campus community and the Board of Regents, Fall, 1995.

3   Augustana College, The Academic Master Plan for Augustana College. May, 2001


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