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Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
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Faculty Development Grant Proposal

VII: Evaluation

The evaluation strategy for this project emphasizes utilization-focused evaluation, that is, evaluation that is done for and with specific users and for specified outcomes, as described by Michael Quinn Patton.9 This framework presupposes multiple levels of users - - - students, faculty, administrators, collaborators - - - and multiple intended outcomes relevant to each user such as enhanced student learning, enhanced student-faculty relationships, more effective teaching strategies and learning environments, sustainable innovations in teaching, maturity in assessment and program review processes.

Our goal with this faculty development initiative is to "raise the bar" on the measurement for evaluation and to place emphasis on measures of student learning. This intent is reflected in the table below where we stipulate specific evaluation activities for each program strategy. Individual faculty users will develop additional evaluation activities as their project grants are developed.

The process for evaluation of this project will consist of yearly summative evaluations conducted by an external evaluator, with a large, inclusive report at the end of the project. Specific details for each program strategy follow.

The following questions will be answered in each evaluation cycle.

    1.   In what ways have we achieved better understanding of student-teacher relationships and their significance to learning?

    2.   In what ways have we further explored our identity as a college? In what ways have we enriched the dialogue on vocation and the implications for learning?

    3.   In what ways have we explored and applied familiar and unfamiliar enhancements of the teacher-student relationship?

    4.   In what ways have we enhanced assessment of student learning? How can we apply that to the curriculum?


9   Patton, Michael Quinn, Utilization-focused Evaluation: The New Century Test. 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1997.


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