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Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Request for Proposal

2b. Support for the Augustana Symposium
Year 2 (Jan - Dec 2004)

Please familiarize yourself with the Faculty Development Grant: Proposal, Brief Summary, people related to administration of the grant, and this Section
2b. Support each year for the Augustana Symposium.

The amount of support available from this grant for Year 2 (2004) is $3000. The amount of annual support declines over the three years of the grant, as implied by the Specific Intended Outcomes.

Assessment / evaluation, connecting grant supported activities firmly with student learning, are a central feature of the Faculty Development Grant. Please review the Assessment Resources page, developed by John Clementson, Director of Assessment, and the Assessment Committee which he chairs.


    Prepare a proposal which addresses the points indicated below.

    Meet with John Clementson or his designate to refine your evaluation plan.

    Submit the proposal electronically by e-mail, as an Attachment in Word Perfect or Word, to Arlen Viste, Karin Lindell, and John Clementson or his designate, not later than six weeks before the Augustana Symposium. Request John Clementson or his designate to send e-mail to Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell, indicating acceptance of your evaluation plan. Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell will then share these materials with the Faculty Development Committee.

    Direct any questions to Arlen Viste, Karin Lindell, or members of the Faculty Development Committee.

    Notification of decision on the proposal will be sent within two weeks of receipt.


    Please provide the following information.

    Purpose of the Augustana Symposium, and a brief summary of its recent history.

    Identify all participants, their disciplines, and their roles in the project. While this list may be understandably sketchy in the proposal, it needs to be meticulously complete in the subsequent report and evaluation.

    Provide a time line for development and implementation.

    Describe the expected outcomes of the project, especially as they relate to student learning.

    Include an itemized budget and rationale.

    Identify any other sources of funding and make clear how the respective funding sources would support separate aspects of your project.

    Pledge to carry out the Evaluation Activities as indicated in this section of the grant, with specifics worked out and agreed on in your meeting with John Clementson or his designate. Suggestion: perhaps students and faculty planning to participate in the Augustana Symposium could write an impact on learning statement as part of their abstract submission. These statements might then be published along with the abstracts in a proceedings book.

    Include date of submission and an electronic signature in your proposal. (For example scan your signature and insert the resulting graphics file.)

Final Report

    Including the Evaluation Activities agreed on, the Final Report is due two months after the date of the Augustana Symposium. Submit it electronically to Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell. If the report and its supporting materials exceeed the 1 MB limit for an e-mail attachment, then burn a CD and submit that, with a cover letter, to Karin Lindell at Box 802 or Hum 207.


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