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Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Request for Participation

5b. Campus Center for Web-based Research and Instruction (CWRI)
                   "Virtual Faculty Development Center"

Year 2 (Jan 2004 - Dec 2004)

Please familiarize yourself with the Faculty Development Grant: Proposal, Brief Summary, people related to administration of the grant, and this Section
5b. Faculty fellows/mentoring program for faculty training in the appropriate and effective use of the WWW and the internet in the classroom

    The amount of support available from this grant for Year 2 is $2500.
    Use of this support is coordinated by Sharon Gray, Instructional Technologist.

    Assessment / evaluation, connecting grant supported activities firmly with student learning, are a central feature of the Faculty Development Grant. Please review the Assessment Resources page, developed by John Clementson, Director of Assessment, and the Assessment Committee which he chairs.


    The purpose of Section 5b is to develop a virtual center for Web-based faculty development, research, and instruction. The Instructional Technologist will work individually with instructors to integrate Web resources and methods into their courses and to participate in online faculty development opportunities. The goal will be to directly target 3-5 courses per semester. Participants will attend at least one online conference.

    The Virtual Faculty Development Center will provide resources for the entire campus community, including links to desktop lectures and conferences, many of which require no fee. It will also include links to research on effective integration of technology into the curriculum and examples of what works and what does not.

    Evaluation and assessment are extremely important elements of this grant. Participants will agree to examine the impact of the Web resources and methods upon student learning. Evaluation will consist of, but not necessarily be limited to, statements of progress from the faculty members, quantitative and qualitative analyses of the impact on faculty knowledge and awareness, and quantitative and qualitative analyses of the impact of incorporated resources and methods on student learning.

    Instructors interested in participating in this program are asked to submit an application (see below) to the Instructional Technologist, Sharon Gray. The due date is OPEN, meaning simply that proposals will be received at any time convenient to the proposers.

Participation requests should include the following:

    1. Course department and title.

    2. A timeline for accomplishing integration of Web resources or methods.

    3. Agreement to participate in student learning assessment.


    1. Participants must "attend" at least one virtual workshop.

    2. Participants must work with the Instructional Technologist, Sharon Gray, to integrate appropriate and effective Web resources and methods into their course(s).

    3. Participants must complete a pre- and post-assessment.

    4. Participants must agree to participate in a study of the impact upon student learning.

    5. While there is not a stipend available with this portion of the grant, there are monies that can be used for software, hardware, or training. Such expenditures will need to be made by Oct. 15, 2004.

Proposal Reviews:

    Send grant proposals to Sharon Gray. The due date is OPEN, meaning simply that proposals will be received at any time convenient to the proposers. Questions regarding the grants should be directed to Sharon Gray or members of the Faculty Development Committee.

    [Application form as Word document, text, pdf file]

Application for Center for Web-based Research and Instruction

Jan 2004 - Dec 2004
Applications Due Date: OPEN,
meaning simply that proposals will be received at any time convenient to the proposers.

    Funded by Bush Foundation


    Department ___________ Course Number ________

    Course Title __________________________ Faculty Name____________________

    Phone Number ___________________ E-mail Address ___________________

    When do you intend to complete the technology integration? __________________________
    (must be no later than Fall semester 2004)

    Statement of agreement to participate in assessment of impact upon student learning:
    I agree to participate in assessment of the impact on student learning of the instructional technology innovations made to my course.
    Faculty signature

    Send this form (or its equivalent) to Sharon Gray, Instructional Technologist, Madsen Center 234, Augustana College, or as an e-mail attachment.
    All requests for participation will be reviewed by the Faculty Development Committee. Decisions on participation will be made within 2-3 weeks of submission of complete proposal.


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