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Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Request for Proposal

6e. We will establish a series of community-based learning experiences (service learning) for students

Year 3 (Jan - Dec 2005)

Please familiarize yourself with the Faculty Development Grant: Proposal, Brief Summary, people related to administration of the grant, and this Section
6e. We will establish a series of community-based learning experiences (service learning) for students

The amount of support available from this grant for Year 3 is $2500.

Assessment / evaluation, connecting grant supported activities firmly with student learning, are a central feature of the Faculty Development Grant. Note carefully the Evaluation Activities designated in Section 6e. Please review also the Assessment Resources page, developed by John Clementson, former Director of Assessment, and the Assessment Committee which he chaired.


    A Teagle grant supported service-learning projects several years ago. Karin Lindell has records of projects supported and work done at that time. It may be helpful to review some of this earlier work, to stimulate interesting ideas for projects.

    During 2001-2002, a Martin Luther King service-learning project involved a number of first year students, and was coordinated by Bob Kiner, Dick Hanson, and others,

    Dawn Gardner serves as Volunteer Services Coordinator.


    During the planning of the proposed project, discuss plans with Dawn Gardner and/or Bob Kiner.

    Prepare a proposal which addresses the 6e themes, and the points indicated below.

    Meet with Dennis Larson or his designate to refine your evaluation plan.

    This section of the Faculty Development Grant is open for proposals until all funds have been committed. However for the first round, submit the proposal electronically by e-mail, as an Attachment in Word Perfect or Word, to Arlen Viste, Karin Lindell, and Dennis Larson or his designate. The due date is OPEN, meaning simply that proposals will be received at any time convenient to the proposers. Request Dennis Larson or his designate to send e-mail to Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell, indicating acceptance of your evaluation plan. Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell will then share these materials with the Faculty Development Committee.

    Direct any questions to Arlen Viste, Karin Lindell, or members of the Faculty Development Committee.

    Committee decisions will be made promptly, and proposers will be notified within 2 weeks of the date the complete proposal is received. Project work may begin as soon as the recipients are ready to do so.


    Please provide the following information.

    Purpose of the project. Narrative description of the project. Articulate its relationship to 6e.

    Identify mentor(s), their disciplines, and their roles in the project. Indicate how many students are likely to participate. If any specific student participants are known at the time the proposal is submitted, list them.

    Describe the expected outcomes of the project, especially as they relate to student learning. Include a timeline for carrying out the project.

    Include an itemized budget and rationale. Faculty stipends are not funded under 6e. However if participation results in an overload in a student schedule, grant funds can be used to cover a one credit overload fee.

    Strongly recommended: include a letter of support from Dawn Gardner and/or Bob Kiner.

    Identify any other sources of funding and make clear how the respective funding sources would interrelate in supporting various aspects of your project. If your proposal under 6e is contingent on anything else (such as other support), please spell out such contingencies.

    As part of the proposal, include a statement which addresses how your 6e project relates to one or more of four Overall Goals of the Faculty Development Grant. Follow the link for these goals, which are perhaps implicit, and are stated as questions for response.

    Pledge to carry out the Evaluation Activities as indicated in this 6e section of the grant, with specifics worked out and agreed on in your meeting with John Clementson or his designate.

    Include date of submission and electronic signatures in your proposal. (For example scan signatures and insert the resulting graphics files.)

Final Report

    Including the Evaluation Activities agreed on, the Final Report is due one month after the conclusion of the time line proposed. If this date goes beyond Nov 30, 2005, also submit a succinct Interim Report by that date. Submit the report(s) electronically to Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell. If the report and its supporting materials exceeed the 1 MB limit for an e-mail attachment, then burn a CD and submit that, with a cover letter, to Karin Lindell at Box 802 or Hum 207.


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