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Archives for Bush Faculty Development Committee 1993-2002

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Faculty Development Grant

from the Bush Foundation

Nov 2002 - Nov 2005

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Requests for Proposals

Year 3 (Jan - Dec 2005)

Including the Evaluation Activities agreed on, the Final Report is due one month after the conclusion of the time line proposed. If this date goes beyond Nov 30, 2005, also submit a succinct Interim Report by that date. The Final report must be submitted at the very latest by January 31, 2006 -- Year 3 (calendar year 2005) is the final year of this grant. Submit the reports electronically to Arlen Viste and Karin Lindell.

Section of Faculty Development Grant Request for Proposal
1. Student Learning Assessment

    This section is being administered by the Assessment Committee, in association with the Faculty Development Committee

    Please send proposals or questions to Dennis Larson,
    Chair of the Assessment Committee

Assessment Resources


Overall Goals


Due: approximately
Mar 30, 2005

2b. Support for the Augustana Symposium (year 3) Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

2c. Projects that examine the relationship between student learning and pedagogy (Year 3 Theme: Information Literacy) Assessment Resources


Due date: TBA

2d. 2-3 projects per summer for research programs specifically supporting undergraduate research with particular emphasis on student learning outcomes from student research projects Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

2e. Projects that explore the way students learn from general education (pedagogy, student learning outcomes) Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

3a. Develop internship centers at various places around the country

Internship opportunities in several metro areas are available to students


Students & Advisors

Due date: Open

4a. Project Grants (7-10 each year) for classroom-based efforts at internationalization and global immersion Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

4b. Focused Study Grants to members of the faculty who express an interest and an ability to modify learning environments so as to significantly engage the issues of globalism and international learning. Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

5a. Faculty fellows/mentoring program for faculty training in the appropriate and effective use of the WWW and the internet in the classroom (year 3) Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

5b. Campus Center for Web-based Research and Instruction (CWRI)         "Virtual Faculty Development Center" Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

6e. We will establish a series of community-based learning experiences (service learning) for students Assessment Resources


Due date: Open

6f. Nurture development and growth of faculty leaders as part of the vocation of the college  [Section added in Year 3] Assessment Resources

Project with Dr. Bob Kiner as Leader

See also Leaders Year 3


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