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Welcome Anna Madsen!

Welcome Wagon Day
6 Sept 2004 (Labor Day in USA)

Scenes of activity and preparation in Anna's Sioux Falls home

[Later - Unpacking the U-Haul on 12 Sept]

Anna and family arrive in Sioux Falls on 15 Sept

Else's first birthday 11 October 2004

Karl coming home from Children's Care Hospital 15 October 2004

Link to Anna Madsen's web page
Anna Rohde
Anna Rohde
New curtains in all the rooms
New curtains in all the rooms.
Looking out the Back Door
Looking out the back door.
Guess who comes with the house!
Painting the bathroom
Painting the bathroom
Paul at work
Paul at work
Window cleaning
Window cleaning

Labor Day workers included Heather Bart, Naomi Bray, Ben Eisele, Gregg & JJ Gohl, Andrea Halverson, Amy Hanson, Kate Holmquest, Matt Kruse, Rebecca Lund, Kari & Diane Pabst, Ann and Gary Pederson, John Peterson, Paul, Susan, Anna & Inga Rohde, Adam Rosman, Jaci Sutton, Emily Vadner, Arlen Viste, and Steve Williamson.

From: "Ann Pederson" <>
To: <>
Subject: the welcome wagon day
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 16:04:25 -0500

Dear Anna:
We had about 10-15 students, four faculty, spouses, kids, a dog, staff and who knows who else working away today. All the bedrooms, the basement family room, the back bedroom, and the basement bathroom were all painted. The yard was all fancied up and cleared. Two new lawn chairs for Else and Karl are in the family room. New curtains in the dining room, upstairs bathroom (along with a couple of new towels and bathmats), and all new curtains in two of three bedrooms. Martha Stewart’s specialties! But they are clean, pressed and not “out of date.” The students gagged at the dining room balloon curtains so they were promptly taken down. Everyone really likes your house and a great time doing stuff. It’s pretty good to go. One student even donated a microwave you can use for now. A new ironing board, and lots of cleaning supplies, plus other things are coming. So, if you don’t mind, we are going to make a link for today’s festivities on the Chair of Moral Values site and then we’ll update it with your progress to Sioux Falls so the students/faculty/staff can follow along. Hope you are doing well. Sorry you get so many pictures at separate times. Couldn’t figure out how to do it otherwise. More later. AP

From: Anna Madsen []
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 4:14 PM
To: Ann Pederson
Subject: "I hate doing that"

Dear Ann,

I just happened to be online when the pictures started flowing in.

"Dad," I said, "Ann just sent some pics." So we looked at them, couldn't believe the work, and then he went back to German television.

Minutes later, I said, "Dad, Ann is at it again." And then we scrolled through them all.

Dad's first response was, "Oh, I hope they taped. Anna, scroll down. Do you see tape on the floor board?" His favorite picture was the one entitled, "Taping."

My first response was, "Wow. I hate doing that," 'that' being washing windows, wiping louvered shutters, and cleaning the oven.

You all get gold stars!!!! And are hired, on a permanent basis. As Martha says, what you did is a "good thing."

Of course, put it on the web site!! If YOU don't mind, give me the link, and I'll stick it in my next email to everybody.

Did you get Karl's smiling face?

Mine looks something like that when I think of coming home to people like you folks.


Unpacking the U-Haul
12 Sept 2004

A large number of people unloaded Anna's stuff from the U-Haul on arrival around 6 PM.
A lot of these were the Augustana baseball team with their coach. Simply amazing.
It was their idea. Those guys were amazing.

Pastor Paul slouching again
Pastor Paul slouching again

Augie's baseball team
Augie's baseball team gives
the Madsens a homerun with their help

Nealy and Joel Williams with Anna's Mom, Marj
Nealy and Joel Williams
with Anna's Mom, Marj

Zachary Swanson superpacker!
Zachary Swanson wanted to make sure that
he's known as the superpacker! And he was!

Anna and family arrive
Sept 15, Sioux Falls airport


Else's first birthday
11 October 2004

Else party time
Party time for Else

Presents for Else
Presents for Else

Wagon for Else
Wagon for Else

Slide for Else
Slide for Else

Else kiss for baby
Kiss for baby


Karl coming home from Children's Care Hospital
15 October 2004

Goodbye CCH
Goodbye CCH, 15 Oct 2004

Karl leaving CCH
Karl leaving CCH

Karl's homecoming
Karl's homecoming


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