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Dr. Dawn Adams visits Augustana College

Monday January 14, 2002

Dr. Dawn Adams is making a public presentation at Augustana College on Monday January 14, 2002, at the invitation of the Stanley L. Olsen Chair of Moral Values.

Dawn Adams

Dawn Adams is President of Tapestry, The Institute for Philosophy, Religion, and the Life Sciences (Waco, TX). Dr. Adams is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. She serves as Southwest Regional Director of the Science and Religion Course Program of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences.

For a brief description of some of her work and background, click here.

At 7:30 PM on Monday Jan 14, 2002 she will speak in the Alumni Auditorium, GSC 100. Title:

The Power of Story

The address is free and open to the public.

A reception in honor of Dr. Dawn Adams will be held following her evening presentation, in the Pendulum Lounge of Gilbert Science Center.

During Monday moning Jan 14, 2002 she meets with General 492B, the Science and Religion Capstone class of Ann Pederson and Arlen Viste. She will visit informally with interested students and staff throughout the day.

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