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Prof. William Carroll visits Augustana College

Wednesday Sept 27, 2000

Prof. William E. Carroll is making a public presentation at Augustana College on Wednesday Sept 27, 2000, sponsored by the Stanley L. Olsen Chair of Moral Values.

William Carroll home page

Photos of Dr. Carroll at the Vatican: 1993, 2000

Dr. Carroll is Professor of History at Cornell College (IA).

Dr. Carroll is a long time friend of Augustana Philosophy Prof. Michael Waddell.

Dr. Carroll speaks at 7:30 PM on Sept 27, 2000 in the Alumni Auditorium, GSC 100, at Augustana College.

His topic is "The Galileo Affair and the Myth of the Warfare Between Science and Religion."

The story of Galileo's encounter with the Inquisition in the early 17th Century continues to serve as evidence for the widely accepted view of the incompatibility between science and religion. William Carroll will re-examine this story and challenge the traditional interpretation of the 'Galileo Affair'.

The lecture is free and open to the public.

Related paper by Dr. Carroll: Eppur si muove: The Legend of Galileo

For some traditional background material on Galileo, click here.

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