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Oct 26, 2000

Community, Compassion, and Civility:
Constructing the Future

7:30 PM, 3-in-1 Room, MorrisonCommons
Augustana College

Co-sponsored by:
Stanley L. Olsen Chair of Moral Values (Arlen Viste) and
Office of Academic Affairs (Dick Hanson)

Invitation from Dr. Richard Hanson, Vice President for Academic Affairs:

Augustana College is a learning community striving to provide the best educational experience possible for its students, staff and faculty. Even though every member of the student body, faculty and staff bring unique backgrounds and a variety of perspectives and values to the campus community, we all must share a fundamental appreciation for the importance of personal responsibility and mutual respect; a sense of *living in community.*

In every academic year, including this one, events occur that suggest that at least some "Augustana folk" (students, faculty, staff and/or administrators) are behaving or have behaved in ways that violate this principle, i.e., incidents in which some of us have truly "dis-respected" other of us. The recurrence of these sorts of incidents this fall suggests that we need to work hard so that all of us are aware that true living in community is a "highest good." We need to work hard to understand that living in community requires skill and commitment, so that respectful behavior occurs even in the face of sincere differences of opinion.

To ensure our awareness of this *highest good,* and to reinforce the importance of community as a shared fundamental value at Augustana College, a college-wide convocation for Augustana students, faculty and staff has been planned for Thursday evening (7:30 p.m.), October 26, 2000, in the 3-in-1 room of the Morrison Commons. Sponsored jointly by the Chair of Moral Values (Dr. Arlen Viste), and the Office of Academic Affairs (Dr. Dick Hanson), a panel of faculty and students will lead us in this important conversation.

We invite Augustana College students, faculty, staff and administrators to come and join the community of Augustana College in this important conversation. I hope to see you there.

Panel: Dr. Richard Hanson (V.P. for Academic Affairs), Dr. Arlen Viste (Stanley L. Olsen Chair of Moral Values), Dr. Michelle Bartel (Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics), Geoff Wetrosky (Augustana Student Association President), and April Barton (Augustana student)

Following plenary statements by panel members, there will be break-out discussions in small groups, followed by reporting back to the larger group.

Please Come!

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