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Stanley L. Olsen

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Stanley L. Olsen
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2002-2003 activities

Photography Exhibit and End-of-Life Forums
November 5-19, 2002
at Augustana College's Eide-Dalrymple Gallery

Passages brochure

On November 5, 2002, the photographic exploration of the end-of-life experience, Passages, will open. This project utilizes the photos and narratives produced by students during Augustana's Spring Semester Capstone Course Living Until We Die, Dying Until We Live. About fifty senior students from various majors moved beyond the classroom to the city's hospice cottages, inpatient hospice units, and nursing homes. They spent time with hospice patients and caregivers, assisting staff and developing relationships with patients and families. Students were required to keep a journal of reflection during the experience and supplement their journal work with photographs. Incorporating these narratives and photographs into a professionally developed art exhibit will allow the participant to view the end-of-life experience through the student artist's eyes. In this manner we hope to expand the community's understanding of the importance of easing the passage out of life, and enhance the awareness of the power and value of end-of-life.

This concept was developed by the Partnership for Improving End of Life Care in South Dakota, a project under the auspices of the University of South Dakota School of Medicine. The partnership brings together the efforts of volunteers from local institutions with an interest in end-of-life issues. Local artists Sheila Agee and Mary Selvig will lend their skills to provide leadership on technical and exhibit matters. The exhibit dates are November 5-19, 2002 at Augustana College's EideDalrymple Gallery. During this period there will also be four public forums on end-of-life issues:

11/5: Medicine and Media: Entertainment Expectations and End-of-Life

11/7: Spirituality and End-of-Life

11/12: Lakota Traditions and Beliefs

11/14: Advanced Care Planning

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