Stanley L. Olsen
Stanley L. Olsen

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Stanley L. Olsen
Chair of Moral Values

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2002-2003 activities

Community Forums:
Visions & Expectations
Thursday Convocation Hour
10:00-10:50, 3-1 Room
For Faculty, Staff and Administration

      Sept. 19: College of the Church
      Presenter: Paul Rohde
      Respondent: Heather Aldridge

      Oct. 10: Liberal Arts
      Presenter: Maureen Diggins
      Respondent: Geoffrey Dipple

      Nov. 7: Excellence
      Presenter: Dick Hanson
      Respondent: Jennifer Rotondo Waddell

      Dec 5: Future Vision
      Presenter: Bruce Halverson
      Respondent: Ann Pederson

      Feb. 13: Community
      Presenter: John Clementson
      Respondent: Mary Jane Minnig

      Mar. 13: Future Vision
      Presenter: Julia Pachoud
      Respondent: Loren Koepsell

      April 10: Future Vision
      Presenter: Jane Kuper
      Respondent: Craig Spencer

      May 8: Service
      Presenter: Janet Blank-Libra
      Respondent: Tracy Riddle

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