Stanley L. Olsen
Stanley L. Olsen

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, SD

Stanley L. Olsen
Chair of Moral Values

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2003-2004 activities

Cultivating a Moral Imagination: Digging Deep Within A Discipline

When: Second Thursdays of each Month, 10:00-10:50 a.m.
Where: 3-1 Room, Augustana Commons

Invitation to the Augustana Community: Faculty, Students, Staff, and Administration

Date Presenter Department Title
11 Sept 2003 Sandra Looney English  Creating a Moral Imagination:
Practice in Perspective Taking
9 Oct 2003 Richard Bowman Religion, Philosophy,
Biblical Leaps of the Moral Imagination: Part One--Story, Counterstory, and Confessing Counterstory 
13 Nov 2003 Peter Schotten Government Teaching Politics, Imagining Evil 
11 Dec 2003 Jetty Duffy-Matzner Chemistry Chemical Conversations about Ethics and the I.S.O.C. Reaction 
15 Jan 2004 Richard Hanson Dean of the College Focus on the Family: Implications of the Biotechnology Revolution 
12 Feb 2004 Margot Nelson Nursing Caring as the Essence of Moral Imagination in Nursing 
11 Mar 2004 Glenda Sehested Sociology and
Imagination: Sociological and Moral 
8 Apr 2004 James Johnson Music Music and the Temporal Image: Change in Permanence 
6 May 2004 Margaret Preston History The Moral Imagination:
History and the Power of Language 

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