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Summary of

2010-2011 activities

Augustana College Sesquicentennial


    Pr. Paul Rohde, 2 Sept 2010, "The Word of God Endures Forever," Opening Meeting of the Augustana Community

    Janet Blank-Libra, Chapel, 22 Sept 2010, "Why I Am Convinced That Jonah Lives Yet in the Belly of the Great Fish "

    Janet Blank-Libra, Chapel, 8 Oct 2010, "2010 Blessing of the Animals"

Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Dear Community,

Pastor Paul Rohde and I are creating a series of short walks -- a pilgrimage -- that will take place during chapel on a handful of Mondays this fall (starting with Oct. 4, 11, 18) and will culminate in a single, longer walk this spring.

This coming Monday, Pastor Rohde will begin worship in the chapel and then lead us to Bergsaker, a place of beginnings, for prayer and meditation. (A golf cart will be available for those with limited mobility.)

On October 11 we will begin worship in the chapel and then walk to the grove of crabapple trees on the east side of Gilbert. On October 18 we will begin again in chapel and then move to the east side of the library to contemplate the sculptures affixed to that building's back wall.

Our goal: We wish to honor the 150th anniversary of the college by embarking on a spiritual journey that asks us to connect with the places, the artifacts, and the people of Augustana so we can acknowledge their significance and internalize their persisting power.

Ultimately, ours is a call to attentiveness. We hope you will join us.


Paul and Janet

Pr. Paul Rohde, 4 Oct 2010, "Bergsaker: Symbol of Beginnings"

Janet Blank-Libra, 11 Oct 2010, "Sven Froiland and the Trees"

Kay Christensen, 18 Oct 2010, "God of Creation and Creativity"

29 Oct 2010

Dear Community,

We continue next week with our pilgrimage into the heart and mind of Augustana. Previously, we started worship at the chapel and walked to our destination: Bergsaker, the trees of Gilbert, the sculptures behind the library.

This month we will give the cold its due and MEET ON LOCATION.

Monday, November 1: The World Map on Student Street Stephanie Anderson from ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission will remind us of Augustana's presence in the world when we gather at the world map. Graduates who have worked with or are working with the program include Sam Eisele, Fenecia Homan, Rebecca Lund and Kaija Swisher.

Monday, November 8: GSC Foucault Pendulum Rachel Hurley, a chemistry and biology major, will take us into the poetry of science as she reflects on the GSC Foucault Pendulum and the nature of time.

It is our hope that this pilgrimage will allow us to meditate on that which is of great value to us. Reflected in any honorable code of ethics must be our desire to move the interior life. To do so is to honor the intelligence and the importance of the emotions and their ability to move us toward wisdom and the fullness of our humanity. Ultimately, the ability to connect is essential to the cultivation of a just world.


Janet Blank-Libra

Rachel Hurley, student, and Pr. Paul Rohde, 8 Nov 2010
"Time: Gathering at the Foucault Pendum in GSC"

9 Nov 2010

Dear Community,

Here is more information about the forum Pastor Paul announced last week:

Pilgrimage Forum Thursday, November 11 10 a.m., 3 in 1 Room

Goal for forum: Paul and Janet will speak briefly on their vision for a pilgrimage that will occur on Friday, April 15, as part of the campus-wide celebration of the college's 150th anniversary.

Two questions to ponder:
1) What are the places that are integral to our heritage and values?
2) What might we say about those places and in what form might we say it?

We hope you will come.

----- Paul Rohde and Janet Blank-Libra

14 Nov 2010

Dear Community,

Tomorrow, Miriam Hovda, an athlete and a student of English and journalism who hails from Norway, will take us into the pilgrimage that she, her mother and her two sisters traveled in Spain last summer.

The details of her journey are hers to tell tomorrow. Please join us as Miriam gives yet further definition to the relationship between pilgrimage and the human spirit, body, heart and mind.

We will not be asked to run with Miriam any further than the chapel. We'll be on location tomorrow at 10 a.m.


Paul and Janet

Augustana College Sesquicentennial

Pilgrimage: further preparation and reflection

Janet Blank-Libra, Chapel, 22 Sept 2010, "Why I Am Convinced That Jonah Lives Yet in the Belly of the Great Fish "

Janet Blank-Libra, Chapel, 16 March 2011, "The Way of the Pilgrim"

Janet Blank-Libra, Chapel, 11 April 2011, "On the Nature of Sacred Ground"

An Augustana Pilgrimage

28 April 2011

We meet at 3:00 PM on the east side of Old Main for this \reflective walk around campus.
We discover artists beneath the artifacts, stories and spirit that sustain Augie for 150 years!
Everyone wecome!

Pilgrimage Script

Stop 1: Old Main
Stop 2: Ole statue
Stop 3: Owls sculpture
Stop 4: The Chapel
Stop 5: Statues on east side of Humanities
Stop 6: The CWS tepee and the green
Stop 7: Gilbert Science Center

Footprints of a Pilgrim

Margot Nelson, Chapel, 4 May 2011, "Footprints of a Pilgrim"

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