Recreational Services

Viking Days Adjusted Hours
Monday, September 22: Gym closed Noon - 11pm for Ole Stock & Coronation
Tuesday, September 23: Gym closed 7pm - 11pm for College Fair Set-up
Wednesday, September 24:Gym closed 6am - 2pm for College Fair
Friday, September 26: Gym closed 5pm - 9pm for Volleyball Game

Saturday, September 27

The Recreational Services programs offer vigorous, fun-filled, health-promoting, physical activity conducive to wellness and personal development.The campus recreational program provides the entire college community with the obvious benefits of physical fitness, but also new and lifelong friends, self-satisfaction and enjoyment, lifelong leisure time skills, and social and ethical qualities.  Both formal and informal activities encompass team sports, individual and dual sports, competitive and noncompetitive activities, and a variety of fitness programs.