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If your college or university has a new faculty moderator for your chapter of Pi Delta Phi, please complete the New Moderator Form and return it to the Executive Director. New Moderators who need to have their chapter's database password reset can also contact the Executive Director.

New Moderator Form

Share information on your chapter activities and new members, as well as Moderator and Pi Delta Phi Alumni awards, distinctions and accomplishments. Complete the brief Annual Report Form and return it to the Executive Director. Information sent via e-mail is also encouraged. Don't forget to include a photo or two!

Annual Report

Members of Pi Delta Phi are eligable to apply for academic interships through Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and are eligible to receive a $500 scholarship. Complete information is available at www.wiidc.org

Washington D.C.

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2009 Board
2009 Executive Board meeting in Atlanta, GA during the annual SAMLA Conference.
(from left to right): Dr. Paul Wood, Dr. Beverly Evans, Dr. Scott Fish, Dr. Pamela Park, Dr. John J. Janc, and Dr. Carleen S. Leggett; photo taken by Dr. Karen Renick
2008 Board
2008 Executive Board meeting in Reno, NV,
held during the annual RMMLA Conference.
(from left to right): Dr. Carleen S. Leggett, Dr. Scott Fish, Dr. Mary Gutermuth, Dr. Paul Wood, Dr. Patricia M. Hopkins, Dr. Beverly J. Evans, Dr. John J. Janc, Dr. Pamela Park; photo taken by Dr. Karen Renick

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