Photos of Renner Lutheran Church

RLC 2005
Renner Lutheran Church, 2005

RLC 1868
Renner Lutheran Church prior to building addition. Established in 1868.

RLC Altar
Altar at Renner Lutheran Church

The historic altar, handcrafted in 1886 by Jacob O. Tveit, an immigrant carpenter from Hardanger, Norway is a close replica of a historic altar. It has a pulpit built into it with a canopy over it, crowned by three dormers, representing the Trinity. It is painted with Norwegian red and green. The translation of the Norwegian on the back wall is "God's Word lives Eternally!"(Guds Ord bliver Evindelig). On the front of the altar is "Dette Gjorer til Min Ihukommelse" which is "Do this in remembrance of Me"(Holy Communion). Beneath the table are the Greek letters Alpha and Omega symbolizing the Beginning and the End. In the center are the first three letters for "Christ" in Greek.

RLC Windows
Stained Glass Windows at Renner Lutheran Church
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