Anthropology student uses survey equipment

You are encouraged to conduct independent research at Augustana. Independent study courses in anthropology and field research projects present many opportunities for you to conduct guided as well as independent research.

Research — in the library, in the laboratory, in museums and in the field — is at the heart of the field of anthropology. Research and publication provides the principal route for important research to reach the academic community. Archeologists and anthropologists at the Archeology Laboratory have produced thousands of reports, scholarly articles and publications.

The Northern Plains region offers vast opportunities for research, from historic farmsteads, to the early inhabitants of North America, from the study of modern cultures to the study of ancient lifeways. Opportunities abound for research in all of the subfields of anthropology — archeology, both cultural and physical anthropology and linguistics.

Our work has been published in major journals such as "American Antiquity" and "Plains Anthropologist." The journal "South Dakota Archeology" is published at the Archeology Laboratory and our collection of archeological and anthropological publications number in the thousands.