Senior Speakers 2010-2011

Senior speakers lead the chapel service on Fridays (from 10:00 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.) by preparing the order of worship, music and message. 

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May 13, 2011
Rob Green
Rob is an English, journalism, and philosophy major from Brandon, SD.  His comments focused on the journey that he and other students make during their college years. Rob says, "So we will look on all sides and see that we are surrounded by those who care (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 69.34 KB). We will endure. Because by now, after all the hardships and trials, after all the long nights and harsh realizations we’ve found in this place, we’ve seen that we are surrounded by people who help us to keep moving."

May 6, 2011
Laura Ayres and Chris Haak

Laura from Spirit Lake, IA, and Chris from Urbandale, IA, are both music majors. They prepared music for reflection and mediation.  Worship included readings of poetry and prose; piano, flute, cello, and clarinet solos performing music by Hayes, Albrecht, Dvorak, and Reade; and silence.   

April 29, 2011
Briana Weigel

Hailing from Chaska, MN, Briana is majoring in elementary education and education of deaf and hard of hearing. She plans to teach in the Twin Cities area after graduation. She recalls her memorable moment in the Augie Chapel to be the mission trip she took to New York City in January 2009.  Briana told of "Spreading My Wings" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 79.76 KB) in her sermon, explaining how she found a community of friendship and faith in Augustana's Outreach Ministry teams. 

April 15, 2011
Ihoby Rakotamalala

Ihoby is a sociology and French major from Antananarivo, Madagascar and Garoua-Boulai, Cameroon.  After graduation, she wants to work, so now she is applying for jobs that involve building meaningful relationships with people. She declares, "I want to serve people so that society improves in the long run. Though I'm not planning on going back to Madagascar right away, I'd like to go back sometime in the future. I don't know what's in store for me here or there, but I'm hopeful for what's ahead." She describes her memorable moment in the Augie Chapel in this way: Board game of Wahoo + (Hannah Drewes+Kayla Rockwell+Jon Ask+Annette Frank+Rollie Steck+me) = amazing and fun mission trip to Cedar Rapids, IA.

April 8, 2011
Hannah Drewes

Hannah Drewes is a religion and Spanish major from Rock Rapids, IA.  In August, she will be heading to El Paso, Texas, as a Border Servant Corps volunteer for a year, where she will work with a youth outreach program. Her best memories with campus ministry have been the service trips and the many things she learned from them--including how to use a nail gun and how to gut a house--as well as the fact that "no matter where you go, people are still people, and every single person is a beloved child of God." In her sermon "Sources of Hope" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 124.03 KB), Hannah shares insights from her study abroad experience in Central America last semester. She explains, "The people of El Salvador showed me how to find life that shines through death, but they also showed me that it takes action on our part to make the resurrected Christ known."

April 1, 2011
Kelli Zingler

A native of Worthing, SD, Kelli is earning majors in religion and philosophy.  After graduation, she hopes to work with a non-profit on either genocide watch/ awareness or with refugee services. Kelli's sermon points to the faith that Abraham models for us, faith in action (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 62.61 KB). Kelli declares, "Actions with no beliefs behind them can be dangerous, but so can belief with no actions. There needs to be a middle ground, where belief and action go together. This is what Abraham does."

March 18, 2011
Annalisa Todt

A nursing mojor from Moorhead, MN, Annalisa plans to spend a year on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ after she graduates.  In her sermon, she considered Jesus' visit "At the Home of Martha and Mary" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 38.81 KB).  Annalisa concludes, "Listening to the Lord takes patience and discipline, but I have experienced so much joy and fulfillment since surrendering my future to Him and letting go of the distractions of what the world tells me I should do. . . . I believe Christ has created each of us for a purpose. He has called us to something greater than we could ever imagine, and I encourage you to ask the Lord to remove any distractions keeping you from hearing his voice, and listen to what he may be calling you to." 

March 11, 2011
Jennifer Grothe

An elementary education major from Brandon, SD, Jen Grothe would love to get a job teaching in an elementary school in the Sioux Falls area after graduation. In her sermon (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 59.79 KB), Jen tells about her recent visit to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on a service trip.  She says, "It was because of my open heart and my willingness to take in all that was around me that I received far more that I could have ever imagined. As you begin new journeys and experiences within your own lives, I challenge you to enter them with an open heart and mind. Come hungry and you will be filled." 

March 4, 2011
Brynn Muir
A religion major from Jackson, MN, Brynn says she has "no idea what I'm doing after graduation, but if there's anything I've learned at Augie, it's that there is no better vocation than that of sinning boldly. That's what I've been doing, and that's what I plan to pursue."  During fall semester, Brynn lived in Rwanda, an experience that "totally altered everything I thought I knew about God, about being human, about what we are in relation to one another, and about who we were created to be."  Her sermon recounted stories of her stay.  She concludes "Every day presents us with a perspective choice - do we let fear and death win, or do we embody life and hope? . . .  . When we hear the promise of grace and are free as Paul describes in Galatians, then we will find ourselves not obligated, but desperately, passionately selfless in our service to one another" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 53.93 KB).

February 25, 2011
Laurel Duncan

A Brandon, SD, native majoring in religion with minors in philosophy and ancient languages, Laura hopes to serve in Young Adults in Global Mission for a year after graduating before going on to seminary. Her memorable moments in the Augie chapel were asking "pink Jesus" questions before worship on Sundays.  Laurel spoke about Matthew 6 and it's message about worrying (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 50.47 KB). She declared, "I am sure I will always struggle with worry, but God will not give up on me or anyone else. There will always be the unexpected and unplanned for. Instead of worrying about the unexpected, think of it as a gift from God."

February 18, 2011
Laura Johnson

A biology major from Marshall, MN, Laura plans on Physician Assistant school. Next year, she will take a year off and get hospital experience required for PA school. She is not sure where she will go, but trusts that it will be good. During the past two years, she has become involved with FLITE and unity prayer on campus every Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the chapel. She says: "It has been fun to grow in God and see Him move in my life. I am so thankful for all that God is doing at Augustana, and I look forward to even greater things to come." In "Reflections from Augie, Challenges for the Church" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 55.52 KB), Laura speaks about how the experience of God's personal and extravagant love changes us. 

February 11, 2011
Jalynn Joy
Jalynn grew up in Miller, SD.  With majors in Special Education and Elementary Education, she will walk with her class in May and student teach in the Fall of 2011. She plans to work in the education field after college, either as a high school resource room teacher or be a second grade teacher. She comments: "I have many memorable moments working on Outreach teams, since I have been a member for four years. It is an experience to spend time with middle school/high school students, especially sharing God's word."  In her sermon, Jalynn tells about her nineteen-day visit to Tanzania during January 2011.  The beauty of that country and its people emerged through chaos for Jalynn, and she challenged her listeners to find beauty in the chaos of their own surroundings (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 103.62 KB)

February 4, 2011
Rachel Gerber

From Moorhead, MN, Rachel is majoring in Business/Communication with an English minor.  After graduation, she hopes to find a job in Event Planning and Management.  Looking back, she says her favorite moments with ministry at Augustana have been listening to the senior sermons of the upperclassmen. "I always found their perspective to be so interesting and reflective. I loved hearing about the past four years of college and the lessons Augie had taught them."  In her sermon "Pieces of Goodness" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 129.48 KB), Rachel meditates on the peace makers and the pure in heart that Jesus blesses in the Beatitudes.

January 24, 2011
Jessica Schultz

Jessica comes to Augustana from Bismarck, ND.  She is completing a major in psychology and a minor in business.  After graduation, she plans to move to Minneapolis to go to Northwestern Health Sciences University for chiropractic school.  In her sermon "Pieces: A Message of Hope" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 116.56 KB), Jessica described how her faith has allowed her to battle and overcome depression. 

January 21, 2011
Brady MacIver

With business, fitness management, and sport management majors, Brady hopes to do something in the fitness industry after graduation.  Brady based his sermon the themes of hope and the "therefores" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 41.58 KB) found in I Peter 1:3-9.  He has valued listening to sermons in the chapel before football gamesat Augustana.  Brady is from Anoka, MN.  

January 14, 2011
John Hokanson

John is a biology major from Cottonwood, MN.  He plans to attend medical school after graduation.  His favorite memory in the Augie chapel?  "I love it whenever we sing hymns in chapel!" John's message was based on the servant song found in Isaiah 49 (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 94.81 KB). John declares, "And yet as long as we have this Isaiah servant song, there is hope. God has faith in his servant Israel. For some reason that I can’t understand, he has chosen us. According to God, we will faithfully bring forth justice and have righteousness. We are part of a community that can change the world."

January 7, 2011
Anna Isaacson and Natalie Ronning

Anna (left) is a history major from Vermillion, SD.  She is applying for graduate school, hoping to study Martin Luther and once again disrupt the world with his writings. Anna comments:  "In Guatamala/Belize, we used journal guides composed by Pastor Paul [Rohde]. The journaling made my traveling experience all the more memorable. Not to mention, I met one of my most dearest friends on this trip who just happens to be Pastor Paul's daughter!" Natalie (right) majors in biology and Spanish.  After graduation, she plans to take a year off, move to New York state, and work in a scientific lab or hold an environmental internship before heading to graduate school for ecology. Her most memorable moment in the Augie Chapel?  It "would have to be Ash Wednesday--all of them."  Natalie is from Rapid City, SD.  The two women delivered a dialogue on "Epiphany:  The Mystery Revealed" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 53.47 KB) based on Ephesians 3:1-12. 

December 3, 2010
Nicole Lauck

Chapel co-president Nicole spoke to delegates of the Augustana Association among other worshipers and shared God's promise of light from Romans 13:11-14.  Paul wrote, "The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light."  Nicole underlined this message:  "We are to put on the armor of light – to go to the dark places and live rightly, clothing ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ." We are to "walk in the light of God" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 33.91KB).

November 19, 2010
Brian Juber

Brian is a biology major from Worthington, MN.  He plans to attend to medical school after he graduates from Augustana.  He is a member of the brass choir.  Brian spoke of "The Language of God" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 197.01 KB), referencing the writing of Dr. Frances S. Collins as he articulated the compatibility of science and religion.  Brian says, "Scientific exploration and discovery should not be shunned by those who consider themselves followers and believers of God – it should be embraced as the way to study God’s beautiful and elegant creation, which is endlessly praising its creator." 

November 12, 2010
Heidi Dreyer

After graduation, Heidi hopes to work in public accounting somewhere in the Midwest and to make a difference in her community, wherever that may be. One memorable experience for her during the past four years was traveling to New York City and serving in a soup kitchen. Heidi will have majors in professional accountancy , business administration and Spanish when she completes her studies at Augustana.  Her hometown is Fenton, IA.  In her message, she pointed out that asking good questions can bring us closer to God (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 155.65 KB).

November 5, 2010
Maren Peterson

Maren is an economics and international studies major from Cannon Falls, MN. She traveled to India as a freshman and studied abroad in Thailand last semster. She is a member of the brass choir. After graduation, Maren plans to return to Southeast Asia to do research or teach English and then will attend graduate school. Maren urges us to "pray for others, act for others, and respect others" in her message "Love Your Neighbor" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 77.66 KB).

Rollie SteckOctober 29, 2010
Rollie Steck

An accounting major from Canton, SD, Rollie remembers a service trip to Cedar Rapids, IA, to help with flood clean up as a highlight of his time at Augustana. Rollie has been active with Campus Ministry in various ways during the past years. He is a co-leader of an Outreach Ministry team again this year. In his sermon, Rollie explains his struggle to give up trying to control his own life and to keep focused on hope in Jesus (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 53.67 KB). 

Cassie CarlsonOctober 22, 2010
Cassie Carlson

Cassie, a communications and business student from Sioux Center, IA, isn't sure what she will be doing when she leave Augustana next spring. As of now, she plans to go abroad to teach for a few years.  She recalls her sophomore year: "I loved going to lock-ins with middle school kids.  My outreach group was awesome, and I was constantly laughing." Cassie declares, "I am so thankful for all the many amazing memories I have made here at Augustana." Cassie used the story of Zacchaeus climbing a tree to see Jesus to explain "What's in the Way of Me Seeing Jesus" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 143.97 KB).

Jon AskOctober 15, 2010
Jon Ask

After graduation, Jon plans to attend seminary or divinity school to continue learning about people's ideas of God and how those ideas impact the way they live.  "I hope to learn a thing or tow from/about God along the way," he adds.  HIs favorite chapel memory? Spring break 2009, when he went on a service trip to Cedar Rapids, IA. "It was an amazing learning experience and more fun than I ever would have imagined.  Who would have thought ripping walls out of a moldy, flood-damged house could be such a fun bonding experience!  I really learned the value of service and how it brings people together as a community." Jon is from Dunnell, MN.  His majors are religion and psychology.  Jon explains that stories of cleansing the lepers in both the New and the Old Testament are really stories of "Chains and Words" (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file, 152.8 KB).

Kim HibmaOctober 1, 2010
Kim HIbma

Kim is a Special Education and Elementary Education major from Worthington, MN. AFter graduation, she plans to teach.  Her dream job would be in a middle school setting, working with children that have cognitive impairments.  She looks fondly back on all the times her youth outreach team played "Shuffle Your Buns" at lock-ins.  "Getting to see kids get excited about God and jumping up and down while praising him is awesome!" Kim says. She also liked the endless supply of food provided by the churches late at night.  Kim's sense of humor showed in her sermon (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 178 KB) as she told the story of tackling the tow ropes on her first day of skiing.  God comes to the rescue at just the right time, just as her ski instructor did that day. Kim challenged her listeners to recognize His presence and accept His help.
   Rachel Hurley
September 24, 2010
Rachel Hurley

Rachel is an ACS Chemistry and Biology major from Canton, SD.  An avid chemist and traveler, she has spent her time at Augie with the Augustana Band, Viking Days Committtee, and the American Chemical Society Chapter.  After graduation, Rachel is hoping to perform research focused on childhood cancers.  Rachel enjoys books, dance, the outdoors, and spending time with her family. Her sermon "Wisdom in Your Hands" (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 67.75 KB) recalls her experience as a researcher this past summer when she realized in a deeper way that her petri dish held the wonder of God's creation.

Nicole LauckSeptember 17, 2010
Nicole Lauck

Nicole is an English and Secondary Education major from Corsica, SD.  She grew up in a family where church, family, and service to the community were the central focus.  Nicole serves as co-president of Campus Ministry for 2010-2011.  Reading and listening to stories has always kindled her faith, along with experiencing God through others and the outdoors.  She loves to read and to have conversations with others, as well as spending as much time as possible outside taking walks or reading in the park. In her sermon, Nicole meditated on God's presence (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 118 KB), explaining that she depends on his guidance to understand "what time it is" in her life.

Kayla RockwellSeptember 10, 2010
Kayla Rockwell

Kayla is a Classics and Business major from Sioux Falls, SD.  A member of the Augustana Band and Clarinet Ensemble, she is passionate about serving others both locally and nationally.  Kayla is co-president of Campus Ministry for 2010-2011.  She enjoys attending concerts, spending time with friends, and discovering new ways to make simple choices that greatly benefit both the environment and those in need. Kayla urged listeners "To Be" (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 219 KB) in the present moment in order to become fully aware of God's gifts. 


Senior Speakers from the 2009-2010 academic year