Serve. Grow. Lead. Living Community

The Serve. Grow. Lead. floor aims to build a better Augie community through volunteer opportunities on and off campus and a shared interest in self-exploration and leadership development. 

What is the Serve. Grow. Lead. Living Community?

The Service & Leadership Living Community is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Augustana who are looking grow in leadership. It is our belief that anyone can be a leader and that leadership skills must continually be developed. Often leadership is thought of as the positions we hold, but it is a process. Leadership is collaborative. And service, one of Augustana’s core values, is a powerful way to explore and develop your leadership skills. Living in the service & leadership living community is an opportunity to explore these concepts with other students who are also interested.

What you will do in the Serve. Grow. Lead. Living Community:

  • Explore leadership that's grounded in a commitment to service
  • Participate in an ongoing experience in the community
  • Engage in a mentoring relationship
  • Attend monthly events

What Serve. Grow. Lead. can do for you:

  • Connect to other leaders on campus and in the community
  • Understand the value of service
  • Connect to communities
  • Provide a space to practice skills while learning


The Serve. Grow. Lead. Living Community is located on the third floor of Tuve Hall, featuring a separate wing for both men and women. Rooms on this floor will be updated summer 2018 which will include new furniture, carpeting and paint.

Who Should Apply:

  • Students who want to grow in their leadership
  • Those interested in giving back to the community
  • Anyone open to trying new things and willing to devote time to self and community improvement


Please contact the Center for Campus Life at with any questions about this unique and engaging opportunity!