Society of Physics Students Chapter

Society of Physics Students Chapter

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The Augustana Chapter of Society of Physics Students (SPS) is an association designed to give students experience in professional settings that will develop skills needed for future work. The chapter is open to all students interested in physics. SPS provides students with the opportunity to attain skills that may not otherwise be acquired in course work. Augustana SPS members also have the opportunity to be a part of the physics national honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, which elects members based on academic achievement. We are proud to announce that in the spring of 2011, we had 12 students inducted into the inaugural class of Sigma Pi Sigma. 

With more than 40 physics majors, Augustana has the largest undergraduate program in the state and the induction of 12 SPS members illustrates the strength of the program. We believe the Augustana SPS chapter will continue to have a strong presence of Sigma Pi Sigma inductees for years to come.

Physics in the Community

Augustana's SPS organization is also an active participant in the community, with a strong presence in Sioux Falls high schools. Members prepare a lecture every semester for the students at Washington High School in Sioux Falls; we are also hoping to expand to Roosevelt High School. This teaching opportunity gives members experience in a leadership role with a focus on communication. The lectures are given in Modern Physics classes where some of the brightest young students are eager to learn. The students ask engaging questions that test the knowledge of our SPS members, creating a productive learning environment for both high school and Augustana students. Overall, it is a great experience for both lecturers and students.

Our SPS members also participate in Science Day at Augustana, where many bright high school students watch demonstrations from the different departments at Augustana University. SPS students give these demonstrations to spark an interest in physics in high school students.