Spring Break and Summer Programs

Spring Break Augustana Faculty Led Courses

Augustana faculty-led, off-campus courses during Spring Break allow students to use this time period to further their learning through travel and study. Additionally, Spring Break programs provide an affordable study away option. You can find all of the courses being offered for upcoming Spring Break sessions on our Studio Abroad portal.

Summer Programs

Summer offers an opportunity for students to take additional courses in a variety of places across the globe. It allows students to study away who want a longer experience but don't want to miss an entire semester at Augustana.

Augustana Faculty Led: Two courses that are frequenlty offered through our off-campus summper programs are through the anthropology department: one studying rock art in France and Spain and another at a Field School in Nebraska, allowing experience in site excavation. Visit our Studio Abroad portal to learn more and see when these courses will be offered next: 
Field School: Understanding Plains Village Farming Communities at Lynch, Nebraska
The Anthropology of Rock Art: Caves of France 

The deadline for these programs in years that they are offered is April 1. 

Study Abroad with one of our providers: Academic courses are held over the summer to destinations around the globe at a range of affordable prices. A comprehensive list of courses available for Summer study appears on the Augustana StudioAbroad portal

Please contact the International Programs Office at 605-274-5050 or e-mail faculty leader(s) directly for more information.