Student Council for Exceptional Children

Augustana SCEC Leadership

The Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) is part of the national Council for Exceptional Children organization and focuses on working with individuals of all ages with special needs.

The Semester is again winding down! To help students survive the dreaded finals week, SCEC is offering a Finals Week Survival Kit. Purchase one for your child’s roommate, friends, or an international student — or simply use the form to donate to SCEC.

This year it is SCEC's mission to Ban the R-Word. The R-word is very degrading to people with disabilities, their families, Special Education majors, teachers, friends, and many other people. Unfortunately, we hear it used on our campus as we walk down the hallways, in the Commons over dinner, and even in classroom discussions. There are so many alternative words in our daily language that you can use to describe something; please refrain from using the R-word. To learn more about the R-word campaign, please visit and consider pledging to eliminate the r-word from your vocabulary.

Join our Facebook group, "Augie Ban the R-Word Shirts" and "spread the word to end THE WORD!"

Katie Anderson
SCEC Treasurer/Membership


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